One more reason to DOW

Like you really need it.

Where else can ya ripped off twice at the same time?

Hey Marvin ,

Years ago I had a Texas Heeler , this is a cross between a Australian heeler and border collie . The heeler blood gave him a hell of a bite . The border collie blood gave him the stalk ( not even blink an eye ) capability . The dog went every where my truck did. If I told him to watch the truck, all in it belonged to him. Someone could get within an inch of the truck and there would be no problem although I was told the dog would be in a frog like position and his eyes looked like a rattlesnake looking at you. A few test with a bite suite proved that Grover and anyone stealing anything out of the truck would become one.

At one time I think I would have liked to buy gas at those stations.

Sounds like a job for the trunk monkey . LOL Check this out .

Hey AdminChrisKy
Will you please throw this Lexie Lockwoods SPAMMER Trash out the Door before some innocent gets hurt!!.

Extra credit points if you can actually make a bounce on the hard landing. Double bounce twice good.

Thank You
Steve Unruh

Thanks Steve, done and bounced hard. When I kick em they don’t come back… its like swatting flies though. Always a few more show up, and cleverer than the last ones.

Good. Good. Double bounced better!

In theme with this topic “Another reason to DOW”:
Because we watch out for each other.
200-300 active pairs of eyes always watching for the trash.
And Cleaners willing to Clean versus wishy-washy collect and free speech tolorate.
Flies ignored breed and multiply even faster and will overwhelm the host.

Steve Unruh