Other Energy costs

I have seen a few quotes recently for gasoline and electricity
Most of us can get our wood for “free” plus some sweat equity
Anyway here 25 miles South of Seattle in Washington state
ARCO gasoline is $2.65 per gallon
Electricity cost $0.11 per KWH
Since I don’t use Natural gas don,t know the cost
Propane in 5 gallon bottles is about $2.00 gallon


Up in northern Minnesota we are paying:
$2.18 gasoline 87 octane
$2.38 diesel (my electricity)
$1.50/ gallon Propane.
I am uncertain how to figure out my cost per KWH
Once I get setup, in a few years, I can decrease my dependence dramatically on outside energy uses.


Thanks Michael! A new tread. That was a good initiative.

I was actually surpriced seeing your electricity cost. You’re in our price range while Billy in Alabama pays more than 10 times that rate. Is that only the result of you being closer to big hydro or something else?
Electric prices differ here too depending on where you live but only about 25%. Still it’s over a 1000 miles from north to south.

There is almost no natural gas used here in homes at all. Propane bottles for camping or such only. I actually swapped an empty 5 gallon bottle for a full one yesterday in the cheapest place I know of. I paid $42. If I do that in a gasstation or simular they would charge me twice that price.


The Pacific Northwest benefits from the Bonneville Power Association which makes hydro power from a system of dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers.
Bob Mackey is much more familiar with this system than I am
Our electricity is so cheap, and winters are mild that I would be ahead to sell my wood at $150+ per cord and turn up the thermostat.
But where is the fun in that?


Billy’s horrendous electricity price was a quote from a put-up article.
He corrected his Grid-supplier actual to ~1/10th of that.

Mine here 150 miles south of MichealG is 0.9 cents BASE per kW/h. Comes to an actual effective 0.11 cents once “local” tax add-on’s are figured.
Washington State we still have a % of Nuclear supplied. Oregon State -no longer. California - much higher Nuke %. And BIG next states over coal fueled plants - suppling the electric car dreamers there.
All of these states with big-hydro bases. And natural gas peaking plants.

State of Hawwai friends say 0.53 cents BASE a KW/H.
American ex-pat in Guam says $1.23 kW/h.
Burmuda fellow says in the 0.80’s cents equivalent range.
I quote the last three as having NO hydro; NO natural gas; NO fossil coal; NO Nuclear into their Grid supply mixes.
Diesel fuel made power only!!
As individuals these three fellows are maximizing their PV solar. Micro-wind personal investments.
Their Grid supplier could too. But not likely until Dino becomes too dear and hard to get.
Ha! Ha! I’d bet the State of Hawaii fall-back plan is to “confiscate” a Navy nuke sub/aircraft carrier as a needs-must Grid supplier.

J-I-C Steve unruh


Electricity .25 / KWH
Gas: $1.10/ litre (4.16 US GAL) Diesel is a little less.
Propane: 3.19/ US Gal (15.00 for 20 lbs)

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If I paid these prices for electricity, my hydro bill every month would be bigger than my old Mortgage payment was!

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Thanks, I realised later when I reread.

50/50 hydro/nuclear here. Only a very small percentage of oil/natural gas peaking plants. We rely on the northern Europe crisscross pattern of HVDC transfer. Also high consumers like paper mills get paid for their ability to partially shut down in 15 min notice when required.

Norway 100% hydro. Ha, Sweden sell nuclear, which can’t be rapidly regulated, cheap at low damand. Norway save their water until high demand and we buy back at a much higher price :sob:


No, our rate is $.11 also. Including taxes and minimum hook-up fees, etc. Sorry if my info was confusing. We have a lot of big hydro power too. We have a lake less than 1 mile away through the woods. Dam is about 7 miles away.

$42.00 for 25lb of propane. ?
Propane delivered here last week was $1.79/gal.

Went to Atlanta to drop someone at airport today.
Gas in GA today was $1.99/gal.
Gasoline in Alabama $1.81 today.

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Interesting thread, but It’s going to be out of date very quickly, at least on the gas prices.

If you’re looking for up-to-date gas prices in the US, check out this map.

Or, gas price history:


Gasoline five miles down the road 2.49, eight miles down the road is about 2.23.

Off road diesel 1.99 haven’t checked on road but I think it’s a bit under 3.00.

Haven’t filled my propane bottles in over a year but I should get them filled.

I think my rate is $0.15 but I pay $50 a month for the pillage of being connected to the grid. Which is well over half my monthly bill. I have posted in here before about the fact that the monthly fees here actually make it cost effective to go off grid it is one of the projects I am working on. The trouble of course is you have to come up with the money up front. I am still looking over all my battery options for a solar plus storage system. But that is a different story.


The numbers for Thailand:

Gasoline: 0,8 $ per liter ( 3$ per gallon)
Diesel: 0,75 $ per liter ( 2,85 $ per gallon)
LPG: 0,37 $ per Kg ( 0,17$ per Lbs )
CNG: 0,4 $ per Kg ( 0,18$ per Lbs )
Propane: 0,68 $ per Kg ( 0,31$ per Lbs )
Electricity: 0,12 $ per Kwh

Did i mention: daily minimum wages is about 8,6 $ a day…
a good month salary: 430 $ per month ( secretary in factory )
a managers salary: 1200 $ per month


Wow your fuel is alot cheaper then in Tiawan. I remember when I was there the price was about the same on the pumps as in the states until I realized it was per liter not gallon. I think the wages is Tiawan where better but not anywhere near what Americans or Europeans would consider livable compared to the cost of everything else. Most people in the USA don’t realize how much we have.