Overview of my gasifier system components

Here is a video of my gasifier and power generation system. Discussion key needs and objectives.



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Looking forward to seeing the project come together .

Thanks Wayne! You and Chris are the best!

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[More on how I will evaluate wood gas engine combustion, in part. ][1]

New engine test stand and update on my gasifier.

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Is there a place to mount a radiator?

Good question. Technically no, but they supply adapters to run a garden hose to cool the engine. I’m going to weld on radiator extension to mine. At $217; it’s a steal.

Here’s a nice one.

Wait, did he say did he say $2250? Gentleman, fire up your welders!

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Well I’m making some progress. Had some issues with pipes drifting off 90 deg while welding, so I had to punt. Cooling tower ended up looking like the Space Needle. I always wanted to visit the Space needle anyway : ) There will be 4 more cooling pipes places around the circumference of the drums. This unit will drop in to 2-55 cooling drums filled with coolant.

3" stainless pipe came from McMaster-Carr (Thanks Vulcan Matt)


If you were to redo it and wanted straighter pipes, post-weld, (e.g. Your top/bottom tank holes were already cut) one could put spacers in between them and bind the outside.

Yes, good idea : ) I’m still learning how to weld.

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Im not sure but that looks like the wrong stuff. Shoot I hope I got you the correct link?

If it is the ari tight then send me a link. The stuff we use is a cloth reinforced silicone.

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Dang I see the issue, when I copy the link to the actual product and paste it, it just take you the main category page with all the selections.

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This one here is what we use for 2" and 3" tubing. http://www.mcmaster.com/#55125k79/=11bowu6

Dang sorry about that I know that stuff is expensive.

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Sadly, you are correct. I just used my automotive smoke machine and it leaks
: ( No worries Matt. I will find another use for it.


You have a lot of cool stuff.

What is that anyway?

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It blows smoke in to various components of cars and tests for leaks. Great for intake manifold or vacuum leaks. It is also used by politicians to “Blow Smoke Up Your Arse” for a vote.