Paint-can downdraft gasifier possible?

I basically want to make a model size downdrafter to get some experience before jumping into a big project.
feels ages ago when heated some sticks in a paint can to make the funny 0xidation happen.
i want a slightly more complicated way to make the flame go foooshhh

also it’d be easier to get people on board with lending me gear for assembling a full sized reactor if i can show them a promesing prototype.
are there any specific inconvenience to small-scale i should be privy to?


Hi Ariel,

My few cents:

It all depends what you want to learn…
If you choose engines and fuel at hand, small generators, small waterpumps, engine size 5,5 to 7 HP, the challenges are already there but easy to manage.
Same goes for cooking size gasifiers.

People get onboard rather quick when they recognize the purpose for their own benefit/fun

Smaller is more difficult/complicated to find balance between fuel, fuel behavior, gasifier characteristics.

Running a 5,5 Hp engine in an good range power output was the best teaching for me personally.
Large gasifier/engines are less difficult ( if you know the basics) but are far more expensive to just play around with.


Hi Ariel,
I feel that you miss a basic concept in group psychology here. They will watch what you do, and then imitate you, only if they envy your results. Mean spirited? Maybe. But they have to be that way. They’ve seen too many attempts by well intentioned people fail.

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Are you implying i keep my cards concealed so as to not inspire competition in an untouched market or something? wow.

id be happy for other people to proliferate this technolgy, we have tons of waste wood the municipality dosnt know what to do with.

Im just trying to keep learning self sufficiency related technologies for when i move away from the cement jungle, i have independent jobs so things like that would seriously reduce cost of living.

ps: dont take it as moral-shaming, thats just my personal situation, i understand surviving in capitalism makes that sound reasoning.
Double PS: sorry for the extra edits, kinda tought this message wasnt productive at all, but on the sake of tranparency i guess i wont delete it? modern internet’s awful man cant you just delete something without a big “mistery deleted post” flag


That might be a good idea if you can pull it off. I have known a few individuals who wouldn’t take a thing if you gave it to them, but who would certainly steal it if they could. :smile:
Now that I think more about it I realize I just restated the old adage ‘Nothing succeeds like success’.


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