Painting my Sears Gamefisher boat

Hi All,
I was determined to get my boat painted this year along with the gardening. I’ve put the gasifier on the side burner for a bit.

This pic was taken after I painted the inside “walls” which were in the same condition as the deck.

This is the overall condition of the old finish.

This is an algaecide paint.

This is very close to the previous color scheme. I don’t know what the original color (s) was (were).

Man, I love that navy blue! If you’ve seen my wild rice video, you know that 20 HP Thunderbolt Merc really pushes this baby along. AHH, the sound of a Merc at full throttle.

Good fishing,


hi pepe nice looking boat there maybe ill see you me and the wife are heading in your direction kinda Alexandrea bay a bay for the locals going on one of the boat rides hanging out for the day I’m sure falling for the tourist traps . I just hope the weather holds like it has .

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Hi Paul,
Alexandria Bay and the Thousand Islands area are on my list of places to see. I’ve been as far as Massena, NY on the St. Lawrence. I’ve landed at KMSS (Massena, NY) which is bordered on the East by the Raquette River (which flows through Tupper Lake, my home town) and on the West by the Grass River, both of which flow into the St. Lawrence north of Massena, NY. The Eisenhower and Snell locks are there also. I’m about 150 miles East of Alexandria Bay by road. One of these days::blush:


Ahhhh Cool! I’d like to see that boat pushed around by a charcoal gasified engine!
Gary in the bone dry mountains of PA