Pallet breaker

I live in an upstairs maisonette with no outside space. This doesn’t stop me selling kindling wood and nets of blocks, a joint venture between me and my father. We tear through an Escort van full of wood every week to keep up with demand. A lot of it is pallets, damn I’m a good scavenger! Just surfed through and found this deadly simple pallet breaker. Time to break out the arc welder…

Hello NeilC.
Good find. Good post. Just what an urban fueler could use.
If you do not mind I’m going to cross post this on the MicroCoGen Group. I’ll cross link so you can see.
Wood Fuel Prep for Motor Fuel Gasification Reply #24

Hmmm. Making this I’d just make the handle out of metal pipe also. I break a lot of handles right where they come out of the tools heads - more brawn than sense.

Steve Unruh

Steve, share the wealth of knowledge. If it wasn’t for this site and a certain Gary Gilmore I would still be under the impression that producer gas was just too much of a daunting project to try. Now with a little fuel prep (wood to charcoal) I can build a gasser relatively simple and get my ‘feet wet’.

I liked the suggestion down in the comments about changing the angle for a little more leverage. And you could well be right in using a metal handle to eliminate breakages.