Pasta Cooker TLUD

Anyone ever build a TLUD out of a pasta cooker. Ive been using this for dumping my ash out of my pellet stove. I got to looking at this thing and thought, man this would be easy to make a TLUD out of; its already built!!

All I have to do fab a tube into its lid to extend down to the bottom with a gap between it and the bottom of the strainer and extend it up a little bit so it pulls a draft. The tube will need some vent holes to vent the gas into the tube.

I need a way to make char pellets and was thinking about building this. The cool thing is once its done, I can take the lid off with the tube and the strainer stays intact with out modification. I can then use it to shake out the fines and have ready to run char pellets.

Im going to wait until I have the new camera and will do a video on this build.

Your Wife; Honey where is the pasta cooker??!!
You: I dont know I havent seen it :blush:


Interesting idea with the pasta cooker!

Can you post a better picture of the Dog?

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That dog manages to get into every video I do. lol If Im trying to actually take a picture of her its nearly impossible. But If Im trying to take a picture of something else she sit right in front of it. lol



I noticed her in part in a few photos.
Very smart looking dog, they know when you are up to something, so they make an effort to stick to you and be involved.
My dogs know that keys mean car, and pants ( not joggers ) means leaving the yard.
My oldest dog knows fire pit and gasoline means fireball and she makes for the woods before the matches come out HA HA!

Guess we should talk about gasification now…
What if you made some sort of a layer that separated fuel from side.
Then you can keep the gassification air and the combustion air separate.


Yeah, as a business owner, I take this dog every where! So yup she is very aware and alert, when I do certain things.

Im not sure I follow you, but I think that is what im going to do If Im understanding you correctly.


No wonder with the word liver in there…
My liver is my hardest working organ you know!

But I meant layer ( and I corrected that ).
Some sort of pipe maybe you could put in their.
And maybe a fan for forced air. I don;t think a natural draft would work very well.

I tried to make natural draft Tluds work but they always disappoint me


This one definitely does not disappoint.

I am looking for the plan pdf, but not finding it readily. But it hardly needs that. A 5 gallon pail, air holes drilled or punched in the bottom, secondary air holes as you can see in the video, a half coffee can set in the pail lid, corrugated preheat jacket, and handles for dumping char. And a second pail cut down (length depending on altitude) for draft, and it burns like natural gas for about 45 minutes. Makes beautiful char. Snuff char in a fairly air tight pail. (It will be below combustion point in minutes). The important design constraints are the height dimensions. I am quite sure a narrower diameter stove will perform the same, but at reduced output. A taller stove should burn longer. The important details are the air jacket and the draft collar.