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Hi All

I have been researching building a wood gas system for my Land Rover 3.5 V8 for about two years now.
I have bought a few manuals but all my research points me in the direction of getting the manual from this forum.
Is it possible to pay for the membership with paypal? I am not comfortable using my Debit card online.
South Africa


Timothy, welcome to the forum! Drive on Wood uses Square as their payment processor and is secure.

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Thanks Cody
Appreciate it

Welcom too DRIVE ON WOOD- DOW-website The best wood gas group of people around, Lots of good help building your Gasifier - wood OR charco gasifier. The Have wood will travel BOOK is a well completed book, It is easier for some too watch the build vidio’s as they are building,The vidio buildis helpfull, The wk design is a robust,well made unit,with nice heat recovery, that helps with tar free fuel gas at lower speed, I seen Wayne Keith let his truck sit and idle for around an hour. THATS CALLED GOOD turndown ratio- or tarfree fuel at low engine speeds.Good luck with your building choices,THE Wayne Keith Design seems to be the best overall design for moble vehicle wood gasifier.


Thanks Kevin. Appreciate the input and yes, all my research points to his being the best design but at a 18:1 exchange ratio the $50 is a bit steep at the moment. That’s why I asked about the paypal. I have a etsy shop that brings in a few dollars every month and thought I could use that instead of having to pay directly from my account

poke around the paypal site, they -used- to have a one time use credit card number you can use. They don’t have that anymore, but they have something like pay in 4, which I believe does issue a one time credit card. It is for paying in 4 installments or something like that. I would look at the terms for it.

The other way I could think of is to buy a visa gift card and use that.