Pellet Gasifier from Greece

Congratulations for this wonderful forum.I m happy to be member.You are all wonderful people and it’s really nice to see the team spirit.

Just to introduce myself, I come from Greece and below is my gasifier.The reactor is 4’’ pipe with reduction to 2’’.

As a cooler I used a home radiator and for filtering 2 ammunition boxes.

Flame seems quite clean but many improvements are required before I connect it to a generator (hopefully 4 to 5kw)

Update:30th September 2020
So here is the video l uploaded in Youtube (The flare is not visible as it’s day)


Hi Andreas , and welcome aboard , neat little setup you have there , you may even win the prize for the mile high Gasifier club seeings as it looks like your out on a balcony way up overlooking everyone else ! what could be better than messing with a gasifier looking down on everyone below :smiley:.
Are you on the mainland or one of the many islands ?


I live in a big Island (Crete).Hopefully later I can find a bigger space.Good thing is that small space motivated me to focus on a small gasifier.


As long as you don’t have too many flights of stairs to climb up carrying bags of pellets ,
Crete looks lovely , not visited there myself but have been to Zante many times over the years .

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Thank god there is an elevator.Thank you again for welcoming me!

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Hello Andreas and wellcome here!

Hat off for you building a gasifier on the balcony. Proves you are a doer. Like most guys here!

Just a note; your prediction to run a 4 or 5kw generator might be a bit to big for your radiator. Might be to restrictive. But it will run for sure, just maybee not at max power. Keep us updated!


Hello Kristijan,

Thank you for your message.Later, I am planning to replace the home radiator and use a car radiator with a 12v ventilator attached.In any case a lot of experiments are required.

Thanks again for welcoming me!


How come you guys all communicate so well in English. I had three years of German back when T-Rex roamed the earth but can’t remember much. I hardly ever knew an American that was Bi-lingual. Very nice system Andreas.


Hello Tom,

You can’t survive without speaking English nowadays.Thank you for your comments about the gasifier.I will send updated pictures as soon as I have something.The important is I got some flame.Now I will focus more on the safety of the system.