PH-1 Petter for sale in North Ontario

Listing this because its a known quantity as far as wood gas conversions go.
There is an Indian Article about woodgas dual fueling and spark ignition conversion test done on a KOEL RB-33.
This RB-33 is a triple cylinder clone of the P range.
Arrow engine in Texas was also using a P range clone converted to spark ignition as a well gas fuel engine ( for pump jacks )

I am not the seller and I think the price is way out there ( I would give him $50 for it ) but I am posting a link to it anyways just because I think there might be someone who is interested in this sort of rare engine for Ontario…

Is it still for sale. Is there a phone number I can phone?

I was looking and found this . It is not something you would want to buy but is something that is out there .

Stadco 600v 3 Phase Generator Deutz Powered RP500PM 470KW RailGen


Stadco RP500PM 470KW / 600V 3 phase Genset

TCD2015V08 Deutz V8 Turbo Diesel 15.9L Engine

Power Output: 643HP / 2132FT/LB Torque

Electrical Output: 600V 470KW / 3 Phase

These were removed from trains in a rail switching yard, It took 3 of these to power one locomotive. Most are 2017 models and weren’t used much.

You will need to arrange your own shipping, Each unit weighs 10,000LBS.

We can load it onto a truck.

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