Phasing out IE8

This comes up now and again. So I’ve taken a slightly more active approach.

As of now, Drive On Wood no longer supports Internet Explorer 8 or prior. These old versions are serious “clunkers” - honestly, the wheels are about to fall off.

Most of you are using wonderful modern browsers to view the site, maybe didn’t even know it. Thank you anyway!

If you try to access the forum or the store page with IE8 or older, you will be redirected to this page. The redirect can be disabled on your profile page.

Upgrading is free and very easy on any computer. Just download one of the browsers, and you’ll be up and running, faster than ever.

Please note that IE9 will only work on Win7 or newer; Chrome and Firefox work on all versions of Windows (and Linux).

If you’re not sure which browser you have, find out at

Your message at the bottom of the Forums page,
“This site uses HTML5.
Please upgrade to a modern browser.”
links to whatbrowser.corg instead of .org

Good catch Billy, thank you.

Hey Billy B,

I see in a couple of years you have really improved on those small numbers ( hard to read serial numbers etc,)


laughing yep, with lots of stretching and pulling, I’m finally able to roll them back far enough! Thanks for the laugh!

FYI,. I just got the browser upgrade page, and I am using the latest firefox. I can’t go any higher unless I pull it out of git, and recompile.

A fellow linux man?

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll look into it. You can disable the warning on your profile page.