Pictures of finnish wood gas cars

I have that the black Audi.

Hello Vesa Makinen
Very, very nice your photo file.
I especially like your SOHC V-8 Audi conversion. Very nice and clean and I and sure fast and smooth. Your large plastic? hopper condensate collection tank certainly shows operational experience.
No VesaTurbo or VesaVW name for you now possible.
Vesa Makinen with much respect. I will have a family youngster properly teach me how to keyboard umlaut the “a” in your name.

Ha! Ha! The 1969 Saab 96 Ralley project pictures brought back 1973-74 young man memories for me. The V-4 Ford engine in that lightweight “slick” bulbous body won me lots of street racing money and credit against Volvo 122 and 144 “brick” fellows with no sence of power to weight ratios. And unlike the earlier BMW, and later VW water cooled street sleeper cars I never got any tickets with it! I think even the Cops could not believe it could be that fast. The “air compressor” engine idling sound was SO very deceiving.

Steve Unruh

Nice video of the wood chunker.

Click on “pilkekone”