Plain Talk recordings

This is kinda far afield from woodgas, but some folks here may be interested. In 2006 my Dad (Rick Saenz) interviewed several well known Christian agrarian / simple living bloggers and other friends, and put together a series called “Plain Talk”. For awhile we sold them on CD, then later had them as free downloads, but the site went offline several years ago. Just today I’ve posted them to the Internet Archive, so they’re back online, for free. There are 15 interviews, around an hour each."Plain+Talk"&and[]=mediatype%3A"audio"


Interesting out looks, i see you have a heaven seeking father, thats good.My dad is 7 day adventist or thats the church brand he visits, due too he was raised 7 day advent.Myself i was raised babtist, quit i bit diferent teaching between the two.I dont beleive either one follows the bible on all acounts.