Plastic barrel for filter?

Is there any reason why a plastic barrel like this
would not work other than the fact you can not weld to it? I was looking at this first for water tight charcoal storage and then thought about filters. The gas should be cool enough by the time it gets to the filter to not cause a problem. How much vacuum would it take to collapse it with hay inside? They have nice locking rings and looks like gasket lids.

Should work great. Wayne has mentioned wanting to switch to plastic. The connections are the only issue, and that shouldn’t be too hard. Some of those barrels are really tough, and I don’t think the vacuum will collapse them. Internal bracing would be smart anyways.

26 bucks? OUCH! Needs more than one too. A couple of EMT 2" ring nuts and a couple of 2 inch washers and a close nipple adds up too though.

Not sure on the second one. The first cad drawing looks right.

I used 2" pvc adaptor & locknut. Then cut up an old beer coozy for gaskets. Works good,air tight. I like the plastic drum idea for the filter,less weight is always a good idea.