Playing around and testing testing... ( Gas Analyser )

I know… Playing around at Christmas day…
But the Christmas present was something i was awaiting long time…

I will post here different results as they come…
First pic:
Steady state , normal condition, only air and charcoal:

Second pic: normal condition, air, charcoal and water drip

third and fourth pic: special condition, Charcoal, Co2 and oxygen
I forgot to re cal the H2 sensor in the last test…


I will do test runs with EGR shortly and share the results in this topic.


Very exciting to see actual numbers! Thank you for sharing your Christmas gift with us.


The third test you go a very large jump in CO. Do you think that is from the added O2 or CO2? Now how does that relate to something that we can actually do? Can’t be carrying big tanks around. This is going to be fun to watch. TomC


Nice device you have got there!

Not long ago I was doing some research on pure CO2 vs H2O. It seems theoretically that CO as a gas at ambient temperature holds slightly more energy than the same volume of H2. The energy it takes to convert CO2 to CO is slightly lower. It’s because CO at ambient temperature is denser than H2. But maybe because H2 is lighter, it has better performance due to inertia, better combustion characteristics?

This device will bring us some exciting numbers!



Hi Tom,

Yup, that jump comes from the Co2 and O2 reacting with the charcoal.
Without O2 no heat and without Co2 overheat
Creating and maintaining heat balance will generate more CO
Might be less suitable for driving around with, but for industrial applications its something worth looking into.
The CO2 used was 100% pure.
More testing underway…
Goal: making a organic catalyst to reduce greenhouse gasses when making energy, hence replacing fossil fuels by sustainable bio energy