Port injected veichles/motors

So from my green understanding port injected motors are best for wood gas. I was also wondering how direct injection works or maybe a hybrid of both? Thought it would be cool to start a list and compile known motors/veichles that are port injected. This would make for finding a wider range of doner veichles for wood gas. If this has been done or this post belongs in a different location please let me know.

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Good morning George .

If you will search ( hybird driving ) in the top right many threads will pop up related to multiport injection .

May be a starting point .

A good video about fuel systems.

I’m not familiar with any gasoline direct injected engines. I’m sure that some of the top end Japanese or European cars probably go this route but none of the engines you are every going to build. I’m probably wrong but unless you are driving wood gas/ gasoline hybrid it doesn’t really matter whether you are running a carb or Multi port. The gas is still pumped through the carb or throttle body and the air/fuel mixture is independent of the gasoline fuel delivery system. I’m here to be schooled so please correct any of my misconceptions but in my mind the throttle plate would just be full open on wood gas and it would be better to have the wood gas enter between the carb or throttlebody and the manifold so that you could have some control over incoming air velocity by using the choke plate. My understanding is that the main advantage to cars with MPI is that they are computer controlled and the computer is able to regulate timing.

Hello George .

With the port injection system when it is time for a throttle body and intake manifold cleaning ( burn out ) one can light it up with a torch and let it burn clean.

With the throttle body injection system along with the carburated motor the above can not be done. You cannot run the motor with a flame being introduced to the fuel entering .

In some vehicles they may have port injection but also a plastic intake . This will not work for obvious reasons .

Also be aware of the venturi on a carb . The opening is much smaller vs the open barrels on the port injection throttle body .

PS . Also I just learned from the above video that I may be cleaning my intake valves by letting the motor have a little gasoline now and then .