Possible gasket material?

I am now firmly convinced that it is never going to warm up enough here in west central Wisconsin that I can get out there to do woodgas stuff. So, rather than putting some newly acquired 750° F gasket material to work on my JXQ-10, I am going to ask if any of you have tried gasket material such as that from:


I bought a 15" X 30 X 1/8" thick sheet of this “green gasket” material for about $30 including shipping, but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet.

Pete Stanaitis

That looks like a good find, Pete. I have not tried it but don’t know why it won’t work.
I am just starting to experiment with a homemade gasket paste made from mineral wool and RTV silicone which looks promising if I can find the right blend.

Hi Pete;
Looks like it certainly could work and save the time of making it. Nice! Dan