Power Gas Producers article from 'way back when

I haven’t seen this article before:

I found this link in the alternative energy forum at smokstak.com

Pete Stanaitis


Yep, a new one to me. Thanks Pete.
Recently I bumped into this more modern one called: A Review of Fixed Bed Gasification Systems for Biomass.
There are several locations for the document that pop up with a google search if this link doesn’t work:

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I love reading those publications, however, there is a but…
Such publications are written by some new engineers, for their degree, without even building constructing themselves.
In my time ( talking as an old man now ) we had to prepare a studycase, present that to the dean, convince the board, develop a prototype, and write explanations and findings in many papers to present.
These days, even the teachers don’t have the knowledge anymore…
For me its strange to see my name on some papers from such students as being there mentor… as i feel i am still a student myself.

The best thing however from those publications are the citations and the way its pointed out to get to the original source…

It would be an enorm advantage if Wayne K, Gary G and all other engineers here on DOW ( yes all you guy’s are engineers) would write articles/publications, i ensure you, those would be far better and more innovative then those newbe students… As most of the reply’s and postings from the DOer’s are already.
I personal value reading the postings here on DOW more then above articles, be it that such articles have a good base for conversation.


Good words. Like making money from money instead of making money from products, engineering can become words about words without practical knowledge. Both approaches can be valuable for “progress,” but rob of us our soul when they predominate.