Power Loss

HHO, Has anyone used hydrogen with wood gas to increase power ? I am thinking many of you have seen these HHO generator build’s on youtube. Just thinking about ways to regain lost power. They are relatively easy to build and the hydrogen gas is drawn in just as the wood gas through the intake.Thinking out loud, anyone try this I haven’t seen any threads about it but also haven’t been a member long.

Hi Robert,

The devices I’ve seen that generate HHO or Brown’s Gas are usually too small to make any difference to an engine. The most effective hydrogen generator you can build is a wood gasifier. Woodgas is about 20% hydrogen, and is produced in large quantities. Adding a few “drops” of hydrogen from an HHO device is not going to make a big difference.

There are ways to regain the lost power that involve engine modifications, opening up the engine passageways, raising the compression, etc. We don’t recommend anything for your first build. Just get it running, and then see how much power you’ve really got. The easiest way to get better power is to choose an overpowered vehicle to start with, thus the Dakotas and V10 Ram.