Premium Button

[This post is targeted at new Premium members.]

I am hearing that the button for Premium area is not showing up for some folks who recently upgraded. I need to gather some information to solve this.

If you paid for a membership/book you should see this in the navigation bar across the top:

Home | Forum | Buy Plans! | Learn | Resources | Whats new | Contact Us | Premium

Free accounts will not show the Premium button.

If you should be seeing the button and are not, please tell me!

In the meantime try out this link,

I do not have the Premium button showing up, I am running windows 7. Thanks for the link

I don’t see it either Chris.
Don M

I do not see it at the end of the top bar, but instead under MAIN MENU at the very lower left of the page. It shows up only after I have logged-in. (Running Firefox 11.0 under Xubuntu, Ubuntu, and Ubuntu Studio, which are Linux distributions.) When I follow the link you provided, a new entry in the menu shows up…at the very end…called CONSTRUCTION.
Ray Menke

Thanks for the responses. I am relying on your feedback since it shows up fine for me.

I tweaked some stuff just now, is it any better?

Looks good it shows up for me now

Cool! Now I see the Premium on the top bar, in addition to the far lower left under the main menu.

OK great! Until I hear otherwise I am calling it fixed.

I cannot see the Premium button at the top of the page. It does show up at the bottom of the page as Ray Menke mentioned along with a Construction button. So far I can access the Premium page and Construction page by clicking on them. I am using Safari and Firefox on my Mac. I get the same result when both of the web browsers.

OK, thanks Porter! Can you see it now?

Yes. Thank you.

Im not seeing the button

Thanks Jim, it should be there now.

every things working fine now. thanks a lot.

Even when logged in the bar across the top does not include the word premium.

Thanks Jerry, it should be there now.

Just a FYI. If I set screen res is set to 800 x 600 = No Premium Button
with screen res set to 1024 x 768 = Premium Button

On my phone, “Contact Us” and “Premium” buttons both get pushed over the edge and moved down a line where they are white on light grey and hard to see. Could that be what is going on with others?