Premium Forum Access

Hey guys, just curious about the premium forum. I paid for the book and premium form on Wednesday of last week and I haven’t heard anything from anybody.

Am I missing something?

Hope you can help,
Thanks, Barry

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@Chris, this will notify Chris S. He has been a little busy with the new baby and mommy and daddy thing in the home.
He will help you get setup.

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@Chris, who is the forum administrator, will be fixing that soon. He and his wife have a newborn in the family… :innocent:
Meanwhile, have you found these YouTube channels yet?
Chris S.

Wayne K.:



Hello Barry .

I hope it does’t sound like I am passing the buck but Chris handles all the technical stuff and he has been really , really busy . I’m sure it is in the process . I wish I knew how to flip all the switches on the web site but just too far over my head .


Yes a newborn and Mommy will keep you very busy that’s for sure. It was only a couple of years ago that I was in the same boat.

@MikeR I have seen most of waynes videos but I will definitely look up Chris’s YouTube videos.

I just wish I had the dimensions and design of the Wayne Keith gasifier so that I can Source materials and learn how the design works.

I’ve got two weeks before I am home from working away to find the materials and plan it all out. Then it’s go time!


Sorry for the delay Barry. You’re all set up. Details via email.