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I recently signed up for a premium account and can see the premium content (Keith gasifier build instructions), but I can’t see any forum for premium users. I sent a private message to @Chris 7 days ago, but haven’t received a reply. Is there someone else I should be asking for assistance? The account I created on the premium side is different from this account, but when I try to log in to the forum side using the premium account, it doesn’t let me in. Is the problem that I signed up for both the normal and premium accounts using the same email address?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hello Bryan .

Sorry about the difficulty getting in the premium side. I wish I could help some way but I’m not very savvy with these computers . I know Chris has been real busy but shoot him another message and maybe he will catch it .

Again wish I knew how to help .

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Hi Brian,
Let me try to point you getting in:
If you are logged in, then search on the upper left side the “Drive On Wood!” sign with the flame on the left.
Click on the flame
Below that click on the “all categories”
A pop up list with all the topics can be seen,
Click on “Premium” and there you go…


Sorry for the delay Bryan. You should be set to go, same forum account as you had before, now has Premium access.

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Thanks for the help @Chris.

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Thanks also to Koen, bit I couldn’t see the “Premium” forum in the “All Categories” until Chris fixed my account.

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