Premium markers

Hello everyone,

Something Wayne asked me about, and I wanted to explain:

It’s always been a little hard to tell who’s a Premium member and who isn’t. I just found a switch in the admin, that lets me mark Premium members as such. You’ll see a little yellow plus sign, on the avatars of Premium folks. Also, it should say “Premium member” by their name when they post.

This is just to clarify who is who, and to show some respect to the great folks who keep this site online! Thanks everyone!


Thank you Chris, behind my name I had the word premium. Glad there is a easier way to do this.

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Whew!!! Not so sure I want to think of myself as a great one, but I am glad this site is here. I’m glad you’re keeping this DOW thingy together. Thanks for what you do.


HI Rindert, that made me chuckle a bit , in the Hebrew language the words “Great One” is the word "Rabbi " being a Hebrew word it means Great One. In the English language they translated it to mean teacher, wrong it doesn’t mean that. We English people sure can mess things up sometimes in our translations.

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I knew there was a reason I didn’t want to be one of those. :upside_down_face:

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Hello i just bought the book and 6 months of premium with this email but maybe i went through process wrong because i dont think i can view premium content yet.

                   Thanks, George

Hello George and welcome to the DOW ( drive on wood )

It may take just a little while for Chris to flip all the switches but sure they will get flipped soon .

Thanks Wayne

Sounds good, thanks for reply Wayne. Looking forward to flipping through your book. My goal is to make a wood gassifier to fuel a v8 powered generator. Sure i have a long road ahead of me but would be nice to reduce or eliminate electric bill. Father in law has a rough cut saw mill next door. I am in the process of changing from residential tree work to farming hopefully.


Having a saw mill handy is a big plus . Most people wonder how they can acquire wood for their gasification but when you have a saw mill the thoughts are how do I dispose of ALL this scrap wood.

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Yes, he has a mountain of slabs

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Good evening George Helo and welcom too dow,or drive on wood. Good luck with you gasifier for generator, you have plenty helpers that have built and driven tar free gasifier. Building from the book made it much easier the first time around for me , and it will certainly make you much more self sufficient, I have built 2 WK GASIFIERS that worked great.i ran my 2500 350 Chevy truck and my 4.3 s10 chevy truck, now I am working too Gather all parts needed too build a 25 hp electric motor generator, powered with a wood gasified 4 cyl. Engine. Too run my welders and plasma cutter.
ENJOY YOUR BUILD. Feel free too ask any questions.

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Welcome George !

You made the right move with the book purchase. You will find some mill people here, also.