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I feel like Dorthy who just left black and white Kansas for living color OZ. Gee, now I have to wait patently for the book.

Come-on Toto, its off to read the wizard. This aught to be good!

Hey Wes, I’m in Linden near Mineral Point. What town you near ??? Mike LaRosa

I’m near Greenwood about 45 min northwest of Marshfield

I have worked in Thorp and Stanley … If you ever get this way, look me up. I’m listed in the phone book. Mike
There are a few other folks doing this up your way … I draw a blank on towns at the moment.

Hey there Pops… I’m on board

Hi Mike,
Yup I know dem der towns and they are on my gasifier test route on the 16th. By all means if you remember any names in my area let me know. It seems like I’m the only one in my county trying this out, and its always good to connect with others that have the same interest.
I’ve been to Dodgeville but that was some years ago. Nevertheless, If I’m n your area I’ll look you up. I do get around to some of the food process plants around the state.
Are you going to Argos? I’m planning on going to the Argos meetup but I cant lock it in as a fore sure thing quite yet.


Wes, Also Hi to Mike A, Argos is the only planned trip I have on my list this spring. It is about 360 miles from here. I burn a few hoppers each way but lacking knees, that hop in the rear of the truck or trailer is painful so I burn some of the bug juice as well to save time and pain. I don’t know yet what I will be driving there. I’m dealing on a truck. Dodgeville is 10 miles east of me … Mike