Presenting french canadian smog pump gasifier

Here is the link to my smog pump gasifier

Please!!! Turn off the volume if you dont want to hear my annoying french canadian voice.

I have have chosen to build with smog pump and i dont regret it at all!!

Now i have a question for you guys. What type of dimmer can i put on my 12v smog pump??


Hi Martin,

Your link does not work for me, but i did find you and your video over this link;

Can you give a few more details on your build please ? Downdraft ?, Imbert style ?

I will search for a link for a suitable “dimmer” for your smog pump, if you can spare some details what pump you are using. ( Amps, volts and or watts )

What is the goal you have set to use this nice build for ? House heating ? Power generating ? Driving engines for car ?


Hi Martin,

I did find related pictures from your build, congrats in the timeframe you’v build it. And how well you were able to source the parts.



Hi Martin,

This module might be suitable for you;



I uploaded the video on my youtube newly created “channel”. Sorry about that.

I dont know about the design plan photo you showed because i do have jets going to the heart of my gasifier. Definitly not a downdraft. :relaxed:

This is the smog pump i used.
Cardone 32-3500M Remanufactured Domestic Smog Pump
However i paid 60$ and not the price showed.

I would have to check out the amperage with a multimeter because i cant seem to find it on the piece or on amazon site.

Smog pump are amazing but do take out the filter inside because it will jam in the motor blades at the first back fire.

I managed this build in a couples of months and i am very proud so far. I would say that it was hard not to go work on it during xmas period… and i have a lot of -20c days witch forced me to stay inside. :wink:


Thanks for putting up photos!! :relaxed:

Here is one with the main pieces.


Good luck with the smog pump. I did a lot of experimenting with them and all of them eventually failed due to overheating. They dont seem to have a duty cycle for continuous operation.


Hi Martin, welcome to DOW. Very nice job of finding parts that are premade, and putting them together. Looking at the pictures it looks like you have 3 nozzles, one for lighting your gasifier. Air enters all 3 and then goes down though the charcoal and out the grate. Then the gas goes up and out to the cooling tubes. This makes the opertions down draft gasifier because the air from the nozzles are traveling down through the charcoal first making the gas. The diagram Koen showed is a down draft with out nozzles.
Keep the pictures coming and your progress on your project


I don’t know about French, but in English we have a saying, " the proof is in the pudding". Look at that flare. It is a beautiful color. Having said that, I must say you are a brave person. This build seems to be totally original and doesn’t seem to follow the general rules or any other build. I refuse to spend my time building anything that I haven’t seen someone else build first— to make sure it has a good chance of working. If I understand your build, you have 3 nozzles, but below that I don’t see and “restriction” and the distance from the nozzle tips seems very close to what should be the reduction zone. These are not criticisms, just observation.
For a speed controller I would suggest a “electric trailer brake” mechanism that goes on the dash. I use one to control the speed of my fuel pump so I can shut the fuel pump off, or just feed a little gas to help climb a hill, etc.
What exactly do you plan on using the gas you are producing, for??? TomC


I dont have many hours of operation yet. And i dont have any heat at all. Must be the steady -20c that is helping me out for now.
Im crossing my fingers that it will hold. But the vaccum that it creates is pretty decent.


I hope it works for you. The one you have is different than the ones I used. If yours works I would switch back to a smog pump in a heart beat!!

They are very powerful blowers.


Thanks for the good word. The front nozzle that was designed to be the ignition port created backfires because it was too low in the heart of the system, was not perfectly hermetic to the heart wall. So it is now closed up with a checkvalve. If there would be a backfire now it will exhaust from there.

Inside the heart of the gasifier the jets are closed off with a cap that has been drill with only 3 small holes. I will try to find a pictures.

I read a lot about the gasifier principes. Saw lots of designs but wanted to do with “scraps”. Maybe i got lucky…


Using barbwire nails to block off the clay pellets from exiting the filter


Well i most definitly want to be pluging this to my 10 hp generator.

Im ready but have not plugged it yet… im anxious to do it.
Maybe will be using it to heat a greenhouse and im thinking of a way to annex it to a rocket mass heater


More photos of the build here.

Last filter before the generator.

front plate. ( still missing the high temp window.


Martin, I noticed what Tom has mentioned about the restriction zone after the nozzles to the bowl grate. The distant seems short, but if it is working don’t change it. Making good char gas is what counts. After some more testing if you find that you need a longer restriction zone you can easily add more because of the extra space in that area. Your access opening makes for easy maintenance and working on it. I like the large ash pit area under the bowl grate, longer periods of running time with out dumping the ash…

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Yeah. I dont even have 6 inches before the grate. I know what you mean. It was not ment to be but had to do.

I dont even have a shaker for now… and it works… so i know ill run into some problems sooner than later.

Im running on wood pellets for now. Will test charcoal later on.


Hi MartinA.
Good you are DOing, real.
Doug Williams of N.Z. did use three nozzle set up in his smaller units.
With your multiple drilled nozzle caps I think this is more a wider distributed out pattern like a 5-6 nozzle unit.

On your final-before-the-engine filtering take a page from Gary Gillmore and once the produced gas is cooled enough and use layered sheep’s wool loose weave blanketing. You can get this from actual old blankets, and outdoor men’s/women’s overcoats. Old men’s dress coats/pants; woman’s dress skirts.
Like your SS loose, hot screen filter, the sheep’s wool final filter will be water washable, reusable.

Steve Unruh


Martin, I thought it was a charcoal gasifier, good job on this wood pellet design with the 2 nozzle and horizontal jet holes drilled in the end caps. Sounds like you are using the
K.I.S.S. method, Keep It Simple Simple…in design.


She’s alive!!!