Prison break in Dannemora, NY

Hey Everybody,
There’s a flurry of excitement locally with the escape of 2 convicted murderers from Dannemora Prison, 21 miles down the road from me. There are police and road blocks everywhere. Living 2 miles south of Canada on a 2 mile stretch of a side road with only 4 homes and a shallow river, I’m not nervous, but I’ve been very vigilante to say the least. My house is locked when I’m in the yard and my 12 gauge 00 buck friend is locked, loaded and very close at hand at all times until these 2 miscreants are caught. No, I wouldn’t approach these 2, but who knows what options a man is left with if they suddenly appear and are armed as it is now claimed they are. I don’t care to find out. Part of the search has shifted to Willsboro, NY 57 miles south of us, but they could be next door, too!
I lived in Tupper Lake 60 years ago when Major Call purportedly killed a woman in Cleveland. Conners(a book writer) concludes that it was Major James Call who killed Sheppard. Call’s criminal activities included the slaying of a Lake Placid police officer, and an exhaustive manhunt in the Adirondacks by New York State Police. He was sighted in Tupper Lake when a local kid gave him a sandwich at the local park and told his mom. Billy was lucky. We couldn’t play outside and didn’t want to.
Ya never know!

KEEP an extra coat handy,OR two,and maybe these guys were inicent.FEAR not what man can do too us but what GOD can judge us by.HE who saves his life will loose it.I am praying NOW for the situation to improve.BBB.WE all should PRAY about this situation,THANKS,lord be with you.

I’m across the lake from you in VT. VSP is monitoring the crossings. Haven’t heard where those guys might be trying to get to.