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Good evening/morning/day,

My name is Joseph and I just purchased the book/premium membership a few days ago. I have 2 gasifiers that are for gen-sets that currently are in good working order. This will be my timeline for my new project, a WK style gassified Dakota. Pictures and info will be posted in the very near future and I plan on being at Argos next summer if all goes as planned with my budget and time.

First off I would like to thank all of the pioneers that made this site possible, your work and determination has made our life’s much easier here in the wood-gas community. You know who you are.

Ok so on to the build…

…Does anyone have a firetube??? I will pay!!!

I happen to have access to a very peculiar synthetic-wood fuel source that may or may not work. It is already cut to size to work in a WK unit (I am guessing here) and in the mean time I would like to send a box full of this stuff to WK or someone else with a working WK unit. Please contact me via PM if you are interested in more info.

Thanks guys.

Also, if you have a fire tube that you would like to sell please send me a private message as it will be much appreciated!!


Welcome to the site.
Coincidentally someone just posted about about fire tubes for sale.

I look forward to watching your progress of your build.

JosephH: Welcome to DOW!

BillS and JosephH: That post was from 2013 and I haven’t seen the OP of that thread since around then. :confused:

to the site. You are starting out at a job very similar to the one I just retired from. Check your local scrap yards, and gas company for cut offs from pipe lines. Good to have you here. Al

Joseph…I will cut you a 12 inch I.D. fire tube to what length you want. No charge… just what ever it cost to ship it to you if your interested. Same pipe I made mine from. Came from the refinery where I work so it is a good quality pipe. I believe it is 5/16 thick walled, could be 1/4 I can’t remember. Will check it and see for sure. I’ve got close to 5,000 miles on mine and looks like the day it was put in service. Let me know. My zip is 67337 if you want to check on shipping.




You are a life saver, I will send you a PM!!! Also, if there is anything you need please let me know.


Hey Gary, did you happen to see if you got my message about the tube? I think it sends it to your email only instead of a PM, not sure however. Anyways, I will gladly pay whatever I have to if you are offering up a firetube. Let me know.



Joseph…I have no E-mail from you. My E-mail is [email protected] Try it again.


Joseph…I got called back out to work last night after I got home. Was just getting ready to get the pipe in the shop when they called. Had to work until midnight. Will try to get it cut tonight, I’m off the on call list now. Made a video last when I got home from work of the gas flaring off with the gasifier good and hot. Check it out if you want.

No problem Gary, I have been busy with work my self, 6pm-6am nights as of lately. No rush.

Also if anyone needs any bags for their wood chunks I have access to a bunch of used 50lb salt bags I can send out if needed.

Yes, we have invented a new color: “burning woodgas” and that was a classic example.

Hello Gary.

Thanks for the video . Yes you look pretty gassy there . Great example of working gas .

Ha! Ha! Just caught your video down at the Library checking-in GaryL.
So I take it you are not willing to abandon your evil engine corrupting ways just yet and join the Cult of The Blue Flare Starers, eh? They have a new Preacher now you know. A real pulpit thumper. You could spend years humbled, becoming pure and blue enough.

You will do fine here J/H.
Love that REAL woodstove avatar. I know that model well. With a GOOD drwaing chimney like yours a fellow can make some nice blue/purple gasification flares in one of those in just 20-30 minutes once you learn the trick of it.
My now Local/Regional worthiness requiement to get me to leave Home anymore and travel to “woodgas” visit/advise . . . first: “You must send me a picture of a REAL woodstove. And a picture of a REAL woodfuel pile!”

Washington State Steve Unruh

SteveU, thanks for the reply, I have been reading your posts here for awhile as I lurked in the shadows and always thought, “what an interesting guy that I would love to meet.” And I hope one day I will. So… I will be posting some fuel-pile pics in the future of my hand split 5 cord I have put away for this winter, all sorted by species and seasoning intervals. This year for the 1st shoulder season I will be burning black cherry, and apple. Can’t beat the aromas they give off that remind you winter is coming and it is a long one here in Michigan. No better feeling then burning the wood that you worked so hard for throughout the summer to keep your family warm while flipping the bird to big oil. For the harder seasons of winter, Dec-Feb I will be burning red oak, mulberry and white ash feb-april will be black walnut. I do so also love your avatar and that has which in return spawned the idea of using my heater as my own. Such a cozy looking corner you have there.


Joseph…got your tube cut this morning. I will be sending you an E-mail this evening so we can work out shipping details…


wheww whooo! i’m exited! I get to spend hours welding 23456576 tinfoil heat sinks!

In all honesty this is something I cannot thank you enough for. It looks like you are very well stocked but if you need anything at all please let me know.


Hey Joseph,

Funny guy! Just be aware, the current wisdom is “don’t crowd the fins”. Making lots of thin fins, you’ll probably have issues with fin warpage - as soon as they warp, the airflow stops, and you will overheat the firetube. Fewer fins, thicker material will be more effective in the long run.

Look at cast air cooled engine cylinders and heads for your optimal example of metal cylinder to air heat transfer fins spacing and thickness.

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You’ve done it again - I’m going to get a concussion from slapping myself on the forehead every time you bring up something that should have been so obvious, but still escaped me.

Thank you sir!

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Good to know, I guess the banding material wont work because it is pretty thin.