Project truck recommendations

I’m pretty much a newbie in all respects; to the forum, to wood gasification, etc. I had the pleasure of recently meeting up with Chris and taking a ride in his Dakota and was thoroughly hooked on the concept. My questions are basic and plentiful and I would greatly appreciate any input.

  1. I am looking for the project truck first. I know the Dakotas are preferred, what other models/years are good, I.e. Tacoma, s10, ranger, f150 etc.
  2. Do I really need to be concerned about the OBD2 trucks or is there a good bypass. I understand engines theoretically, but not a mechanic by any means.
  3. I live in Florida and all the scrap yards refuse to sell to the individual, so any alternative ideas for finding the scrap to build with, otherwise I have to buy new materials…
  4. I have tried to contact members of the forum in the area to meet/talk with but have had zero success. Anyone in central Florida that is/has or wants to build a project please let me know. It’s seeming pretty lonely down here.

I also want to thank chris for his hospitality and tell everyone how impressive his chunker and truck are, even my older father who is a doubting farmer was impressed.
Thanks in advance,
Gary W.


Hi Gary.
What do you want to do with the truck? (hauling, interstate driving, around town driving, ect). Generally the smallest, lightest truck for the purpose with the biggest engine possible to make up for the reduced performance.

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Here’s an article:

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Good morning Gary and welcome to the D0W ( drive on wood ) site .

Below is a link on my thoughts ( carb vs multi port fuel injection )

It looks like they haven’t been active here in almost a year, but I believe the Frenchs, Sean @lgthnn and Woody/Bruce @humble1a, are from Florida, and at one point owned/drove several woodgas rigs.

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