PSA: Vertical Video Syndrome

A lot of folks are making videos and taking photos now on smartphones. Personally I love having a camera in my pocket. And I love seeing all the things that otherwise would have gone uncaptured.

But there’s one thing that bugs me, and probably some other people too. A lot of times cell phone videos (and pictures) are taken vertically, instead of horizontally. This has been called Vertical Video Syndrome. :slight_smile:

The reason this happens is pretty simple. Cameras on phones are made to fill up the screen. If you hold it vertically, it will take a vertical shot. Since most of the time you hold the phone this way for other uses, you might be tempted to use the camera the same direction. The problem is, while this is convenient to fit in the palm of your hand, it’s not facing the right way for a good video. If you rotate the phone to be horizontal, it makes the picture look correct. You’ll capture a much wider view of the subject, and not so much sky and ground. While it’s more trouble to turn the phone over, it will help a lot of folks see what you’re looking at. See the photos below. (Note that once you’ve started filming a vertical video, it can’t be fixed by rotating. Start a new one.)

For years people have filmed with cameras that go the “normal” way. And pictures always came out fine - if you occasionally wanted a tall photo, you turned the camera sideways. Now unfortunately we get tall photos when we hold it in the “normal” direction. That can be OK on a photo - but nobody likes a vertical video.

You can defeat the system! Don’t give in to Vertical Video Syndrome. Prove that you’re smarter than those kids on Facebook.

(This has been a Public Service Announcement.)

VVS, an epidemic.
The videos do look much better when horizontal. Thanks Chris

Thanks for the PSA Chris. I can’t watch the videos anyway but I did have a PSA test recently and my prostate appears to be fine … Stay well, Mike

Going ‘digital’ takes on a whole new meaning-huh mike !!!


Yeh grandpa !!

Hey Carson, Only one person I saw ate the grits besides myself but the black eyed peas were gone. .They came out pretty good on the wood fire outside. I soaked them overnight of course … Mike

Mike, sorry i let ya down on the grits delivery. Thursday afternoon i started feeling poorly and running a fever. I was gonna drive up Thur. pm and Fri. am. Needless to say, by Fri morning i was down with the flu bug. Glad i decided not to go, feel miserable, and expose everyone to the flu… Maybe next year.


Carson, Thanks for not bringing the bug. There were a few people coughing there but I didn’t catch anything and I believe the ones that were coughing were smokers. If they knew how they dry tobacco around here over their hogs, they might get a hint how disease is spread … I haven’t had a cold or nuttin since last march and don’t need one … Been over a year and still recovering from the flu,Pneumonia, shingles and then some other thing that paralysed my legs last July … The golden years … I was forced to buy Quaker instant grits for the Argos trip. Even Wayne didn’t have any but he was so full of other stuff … I tried … Mike
Better switch to another topic before the young ones get mad …