PTO chunker from Aliexpress - thoughts...?

Hey guys,

Just wondered if anyone had this machine, or any informed thoughts on its potential…?

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Hi Nathan,
I haven’t got that particular machine but I made a similar one, a bit smaller. I use a 4hp electric motor with belt drive.
With 2×4 knives the diameter of the gears should not exceed 5" to make short enough chunks for a gasifier. Limits the wood dia to 2 - 2.5" material though.

I use only a single belt and it slips from time to time. Other than that it makes fuel pretty fast.


Hi JO_Olsson,
First I saw great machine, then I saw another beauty.
Your little girl is pretty as a angel.

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JO, In this video, the chunks have a square ends, like a saw cut. With my chunker, the ends are ruff and fractured. Did I see wrong?? TomC

Pepe, I guess there are male angels too. That’s our grandson :smile:

@Tom, this is what the chunks look like.


Something tells me this video was not made yesterday :smile:


Right! -18C today :smile:


Great find NathanS.,
Recently I recommended to a member that he switch from any PTO chipping system needing then chipped fuel screen sorting classification with yield reject reduction, to a REBAK type snip/pincher/clipper like you have linked to.
He said that no commercial available were offered. Only DIY self-build ups.
You prove this wrong.

Of course now some one will have to pony up and buy one. Put it to useage. To prove if the Chinese manufacturer is putting the quality into the bearings, gears and the snipper blades.
You game man?
No a bad $'s gamble. I’ve lost more on a made-in-India engine, and other trials.

Steve unruh


I dont know for USA but Rebak style chunksrs are available and rather cheap comercialy in Europe. But the problem is they are designed to do exactly the oposite that we need them for. Make long “chunks” that can be practicaly burned in a wood stove or a similar small furnsce. This machine seems to do the same. We need short chunks so at least 4 blades/axle)


Oh,jeez, I’m not too embarrassed :roll_eyes:

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KristijanL open up NathanS’s link to the other picture section.
Those example snip-off chunks look to be 1 to 1, OD/length ratio. Measurements in mm, cm.

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