Pump, the movie?

Watched this on netflix. Good info. for us, maybe help us with OBD2 on woodgas. Tell me what you think, thanks, Al

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I seen the preveiw on utube,interesting movie.

Are you running fully on woodgas/syngas/gasification or just supplementing your fuel of choice in most vehicles? Anytime you switch to a new fuel mixture, one should adjust the operating parameters. I’ve run some GM Ecotec 2.2L engines off syngas before with a multi point fuel injection system. Timing tables were not even close to gasoline’s for best power output. That being said, if you have the ability to talk to your car’s computer, then gains can certainly be had! Be sure to spread the word about the movie. We all deserve Fuel Choice at the PUMP

Hi John,

What software package do you talk with?


Our ultimate goal is to run 100% wood gas,and add gasoline when more power is needed(hills,passing etc.) any help to change parameters on obd2, especially the Dodges(4.7, 5.2) would be helpful. Al

Howdy Stephen,

That really depends on the vehicle I"m working on. Here is a list of ones I’ve used>




For the Dodges. The best software program I’ve found is Diablosport

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Any recommendation for a Jeep/GM guy?

At least 5 of those companies I listed cover scores of Jeep & GM vehicles

The most important thing to run wood gas is to be able to advance timing, say 30 deg. and back to normal very quickly. The OBD1 with a distributor can be done with a cable from inside the cab, hence the problem with coil pack systems.

Here’s a nice solution for y’all.

General Motors from many 99+ vehicles have methanol or ethanol related tables. They used an alcohol composition sensor that sends out a 5-150 HZ (?) signal from 99-05 & 12+. The Hz indicates the composition of ethanol. The amplitude represents the timing. That unit can be replaced with a potentiometer driven voltage to frequency convertor.

If you have access to the ethanol related spark tables (EFILive, HPTuners, Diablosport), those values could be turned up to 30deg (stock timing + ethanol % composition* table value = total timing). Turning the potentiometer would ‘show more ethanol’, which would advance the timing.

There are literally hundreds of ethanol related tables in the ECU, so some others would have to be adjusted. For example, one could change the stoichiometry tables to add LESS fuel injection as the potentiometer is turned.

About what % of your fueling requirements are usually offset with woodgas?

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I would say most of us try to use at least 90% wood gas, that depends on driving conditions. I still have found nothing that will work on a 2000 Dakota 4.7 if I find that it just can’t be done I will go to a mid 90’s port fuel inj. with a dist. ( no GM products for me)

Welcome to the DOW JohnE-B.
Yep.Yep. Ford, GM, Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep ALL do have vehicle computers with 85 to100% ethanol, methanol and even methane ignition timing (and fuel pulse width) mapping already in them.
Find and use the right ECM/PCM. Tweek with the right sensor(s) input. And then timing as you would command.
Trick is to know the right set-ups.

Please do keep up this obvious experienced based approach encouragement.
I’m a “mr OEM” on the OBD2 systems. As stupid now as it seems to have registers with my States Dept-of-Ecology it did keep me working when others were slack-times let go.
Did my sensors tweeking back in the 70’s through mid-90’s OBDI days. Even way back-when 1980’s Ford EEKII, and early GM 4C’s systems were using variable frequency outputing sensors as an input as early as that.

Best regards
Steve Unruh


wanted to bump this back up, to maybe get some more feed back, sooner or later we all will have to deal with these OBD2 systems as they change


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