Questions about installing woodgas on a carbureted truck with a manual transmission

Hi, Kevin!

Just look at Chris’ video series of the build he made this summer! They are many…
His plenum is mainly rectangular, so there is not a horizontal swirl, but he has a horizontal “screwing” between the twin throttle body outlets and the plenum, in the connecting tube.

His gasoline is “squirted”-in into the connecting tube, which happens to be his horizontal “carburettor”… computer-driven.

This improvision, because of easyness to arrange the existing (gasoline)throttle and the twin woodgasmixer flaps in tandem, operated by foot as before.

Later, the footpedal wire will be connected to the “choise & demand”, from where the choise of fuel will be performed… then on individual, separate routes to the plenum.


I think i seen some horizonal carbs on a triumth or forien car someware.Now an added twist could be an exoust rought through a small cat converter,then drip some waist veg oil too add some btu while driveing for the horizonal carb,and temp control.Is chris’s latest horizonal carb build in the premium sec.or the beginners section at the front of DOW. :hammer: :paperclip: :key:

I think L’Chaim is interested in this:


The dual throat Ford throttle body MaxG is referring to that ChrisKY used is a very common late 1980’s thru 1990’s Ford V-8 engines parts: 302, 351, 460.
Should be no more than a $20. USD as a take off part. These were mounted with the air flow holes vertical/shaft vertical into the engine plenum horizontally. One throttle bore air feed one cylinder bank; the other bore air feeds the other cylinder bank. So WILL not work on the original Ford V-8 to feed just air in one side and wood gas on the other!! (experience . . . I was so-o-o stupid)
As a throttle body without a float bowl or gasoline handling these are Not positional sensitive. Can easily be turn 90 degrees sideways or even upright.
Throttle plates are on the same shaft so gang locked together. Shaft can be severed and set up for independent bore control.


Them old ford v8 motors really got some nice dual bore throtlebodys, too use on wood gas conversions,Thanks

Ok, time to update this thread, Ive gotten the engine running, with an all new ignition system and a re-kitted carb. She runs pretty good I think. So now Ive come up with another question. How will an aftermarket cam effect woodgas? Dad tells me that this engine has a cam in it, but he doesn’t remember what type it is. to give you all an idea, the engine also has a 650 CFM 4165/6210 Holley double pumper carburetor, hooker headers and glasspacks, (I think they are gone now), and and some sort of cam. Other than that I don’t know of any other changes it has had.

Really felt good to hear it run! I don’t know engines, but the idle does sound a bit “camy” to me if that helps anyone.

Thanks to all of you!


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Save the time and expense and try it with the cam in it. I ain’t no expert but maybe a RV cam might match wood gas but I really do not know…