Rabbit Holes and Debates

I don’t know, Koen, Thailand (and Slovenia) are looking better all the time. I plan to stay here and keep up the good fight. someone has to help show the promising young generation of motivated hard workers and experimenters the way to get things done! (yes, there are some!) :grin:


Thailand’s leadership has actually been fairly progressive with computers and now alt energy. over the last 20 or so years. I don’t know much about slovenia. :slight_smile:

Ahhh. There you go fellows.
My limitation on “debating” here.
I am actually kindda sorta be a moderator here.
Means a dampener down of troubled waters.
I use this as a personal growth challenge. Part of my own road to becoming human. NOT the guy I was in the past who was paid to end violence’s quickly. With just an “Opps.”
“Steve, how can you do the things that you do?” Because you choose not too.
A current culture movie quote (see if you can find it), “You must do; what you cannot, not, do.”

Always a few climbing on board wherever you go with decades now, and thousand of net posts spouting their spin-drifts righteousness.
You’d think they were politicians trolling for votes. Makes you want to scream - get a life. Get out real.
Most humorous cartoon - a man being begged by his wife to turn off the computer and come to bed: “But I have to respond. Someone on the Internet is Wrong!”

My busiest time of the year now in the later half of our jokingly regionally referred to, “100 days of summer”.
I’ll be super busy now getting in 15-20 pickup loads of fire wood in-shed now.
Property’s perimeter weeds brush hogging. That is over 2000 lineal feet, four feet wide.
Any building paintings to be re-done this year Must be done NOW before September rains come.
And Still daily hand watering can the garden with sun warmed faucet water… Working Great! Takes time/energy.
And now this summer a drop-everything m-a-y-b-e responsibility for two little girl god-childern. And they for sure can spin around! No drifing there. They zoom-zoom.
They are the future. They get the priority.

See if you all can learn to stop proselytizing, and get back to real life things, eh?
I think the Challenge Topic ChrisKY put up on the woodgas to wash and DRY laundry is the most worthwhile been put up on a long time.
Real needs. By us ALL.
My wife’s Two, five lines each, outside “solar” clothes drying lines arrays usefulness will go away by mid/late September.
And only a damn fool up here puts even more humidly inside their house here in the wetside PNW rain forest. Boots, coats (human and dog) is maxing it out just short of black molding your house up. I actually air overflow my wood stove at times just to dehumidify our house.
And as a “contest” topic challenge maybe ADMIN CHris could offer up a one years membership renewal to anyone meaningfully on that toipc contributing Who Does Not spin-drift off into the dirts.
With a grand-prize awarded of a Lifetime membership, voted on Only by valid contributing members on that topic.

Push-pull works the best
J-I-C Steve unruh


Where is the 100 likes button on what Steve’s has just said.
I agree 100%


Where was the dirt? I missed it! I thought this is the rabbit hole debate section? Just being snarky now! :innocent:


Good post Steve. I’ll think about a prize to motivate the DOers.

So… even the topic ABOUT rabbit holes goes down a rabbit hole… oy.

Can we please get back to woodgas, folks. Feel free to use the PMs or the live chat, which are currently unmoderated.