Randy Matthewson's wood chunker

my ajustable 1 to 4 inch long chunks out of 2x4-6 bunks self feeding on 6.5 gas motor youtube

Hi Randy,
Very nicely done!
What is the reduction, and what is that reduction unit off of?
Thanks for posting, I’m gonna watch the video another 20 times :slight_smile:

very very cool, best compact unit I’ve seen so far. Thanks for posting

Very nice ! thanks for posting

Very impressed!! Like everyone else, you have to tell us what the gearbox is from.Please??? Dan C.

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Nice wood chunker…I like it

What a Brute!

Thanks for posting

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thanks for the kind words the gearbox is out of a old sawmill 1960s vintage infeed chain you can find them at action. it a 3 hp 3ph motor on it . i did some work on it to mount a 6.5 gas motor belt driven to gearbox . motor has 4 in pully gearbox has 6 in 1.5 that brings the motor from 3600 to 2400 the gearbox i think is about 30 to 1 that make it 60 to 70 rpm i started slower but it didnt work the motor and still is no problem i run mostly dougfir it work better if dry hope this helps thank for the good comment

The gear box looks like a Sumitomo.
Cycloidal drive

Excellent adaptation of Wayne’s original design! SELF FEEDING, great idea. Build with what you have, to suit your needs. Thank’s for the inspiration.

hi danny i will run some oak and post it good or bad it was made for dougfir because i can get all i want for free oak and other hardwoods are a little harder to come by i enjoyed your vidieo keep it up thanks

Ha! Ha! Now that is said like a true PNW wetsider RandyM:
“I can get all (the DougFir) I want for free. Oak and other hardwoods are a little harder to come by.”
You are going to like the Doug Fir as a gasifier power wood - as good as the pines - I think now even better. These are both easy to grow and cut/chunk. Now those damn hardwoods are best sold for furniture wood $'s to pay the Gov’Mint taxes and the culls/scraps used for night banked back heating fires.

No joke my hats off to all of those Eastern fellows with only hardwoods stuck gasifing it having to handle all of it’s cogging ash.

Rained in for three days now Steve Unruh

Thanks Randy; If it is really hard to come by, do not worry about it.I really like your machine and have found several for sale for around $700.00-800.00. Just debating on getting one but would feel better if it would cut oak as easily. Have plenty of pine here in Florida, but very sappy.I could try kiln dried pine scraps to see how gasser runs. Thanks for replying. Dan

Sir. That is the finest chunker I have ever seen. We can’t wait to hear how it did on hardwoods.