Randy Prichard's gasifier

The main part of my gasifier was complete so i decided to make some minor modifications and flare it off it took a bit of a learning but it was impressive once i got it to fare. Thanks Wayne and every one on DOW. I am looking forward now to completing the rest of my build for my 92 Dakota. If anyone would like to see the video I can try to post it I am not to good at that sort of thing… EDIT: Here is my flare off video, hope i did this right. http://youtu.be/3N4SVQHpwtw

Looking good Randy !

Thanks for the video .

Good looking flare. It would be invisible in the daylight. Those colors always amaze me.

I noticed the flame was more blue with the small blow dryer (on heat) when i switched to the leaf blower it turned more org for a short time then almost clear be fore it went out I also noticed when i dug down in the hopper to down blow the nozzles that everything look normal(good fine black charcoal bed) except right around the nozzles(a little white ash) i think i understand what most of this means but i would like any critique or correction … the blue flame means it was burning more carbon monoxide the orange because of more oxygen (thats probably when white ash happened and more hydrogen right at the end ( no drain on water gutter yet ) … thanks

Hey RandyP.
(post video seen edit)
Neat putting this up as a 1/4 screen slice. Easy to download even on dialup.
Your worded post observations are excellent.
You are showing that flares being so draft and flare nozzle dependent are piss poor at engine running capability predicting.
ANYBODY with charcoal and a variable flow blower can make the near engine power worthless woo-woo blue flares.
Orange flare is from hot unreduced carbon particles being drawn out and then in the flare being air oxidized. You ARE system over drawing.
A fully thermal-chemical reduced wood gas will have a translucent bleuish/grey haze unlit “cold”. Be organish/pinkish translucent flare lit.
All wood cell walls have minerals in them. Still there even in charred wood. As the carbons burn away these minerals are isolated exposed. Your grey ash. At the nozzles you are actually intentionally over-oxidizing to burn up yes even the carbons to produce the gross heat energy needed for the later heat absorbing reduction process. It is this chemical reduction process that makes the in the engine energy potential fuel gases of carbon monoxide, free hydrogen and gasifer methane.
Yes. Normal to have some ash exposed at the nozzles. This gets flow swept, and gravity settled down in a continuous downdraft gasifier operation.

Randy if you have a little engine-gen set, engine driven pump, or even a rotory lawn mower you could run any of the gas you’ve show through it just fine with a bit of filtration.
You your horizontal flare pipe is amazing. Look like 40 feet long!

“I think” your non-flarble gas at the end was because you were hearth harder blown producing enough hearth internal heat to moisture cook out the raw upper fuel load and not yet enough heat to lower hearth convert this moisure to hydrogen. Without any forced external hopper air flow then you were not able to consdense these moisures out.
They got passed through.
Bet this unflare gas would have still engine ran though.

Steve Unruh

Thanks for all the encouragement & information everyone

Hi Randy,
Welcome to DOW. I just watched your video. You’ve just started and already have come a long way, ha, ha. Nice flare.