RE-DID my filter

After having cheap stainless steel pot scrubbers for filter media rust on me sometime ago, tried several different things including Hay, Lava rock, Pine straw, Bio- Char and a Bag filter. The s.s.pot scrubbers worked the best except for the rust. Now I have redone my last filter setup and went back to s.s.pot scrubbers only in a different configuration and twice as many. The gasifier breathes freely again and I have no doubt this is the ticket to where I want to be. The company sez these won’t rust, I guess we will find out when I run awhile. I haven’t ran it yet while lit but ran air through it to check flow. Here is a video of my new set-up, I think it is about 10 min. long. Dan

Hi Dan
Would you mind doing a walk around your entire unit?
I really admire all the stainless steel.
How do you clean out you cooling rack ?
Thanks Patrick

Hi all, this may be of interest, I built demisters where I work. They were 12" pipe 4’ long with stainless wafers held about middle ways,they were to catch oil vapors. If you do a search for demisters there are pictures. tell me what you all think may be good for our need.AL

Done the walk around Patrick. Its on my channel now. Hope it helps… Dan

Hi Al;
Looks to me that they may work. I’m done changing mine but will be watching for someone to build one and try it on woodgas. Thanks for posting…Dan

Hi Dan
Thanks for the walk around.
Very informative, defiantly a one of a kind gasifier, with a lot of new and original ideas.
Thanks Patrick

Your welcome Patrick, wish I was better at explaining as I know I jump all over the place. Thanks for your interest…Dan

I just watched your video on your new filter idea. Nice. I didn’t see your video for the walk around, but are you running a cyclone in your system? I have been experiencing a lot of soot in my filter like you and considered adding a cyclone, but talked to another fellow wood gasser who had the same problem and did the same thing and didn’t notice much of a change.
Could you post a link to the place you got the pot scrubbers? I am running with all open cell foam in my filter and am thinking about putting a layer of something in the bottom that is more serviceable than the foam.
Also watched your chunker video. How close you went with your fingers made me grind my teeth.
Are you going to make it to Argos. Would love to see your stuff.
David S

Hi David;
I am running two cyclones one right after the other. Mine work great, after a 2-4 hour run I get a couple of cups of soot from the first one and maybe 1 cup from the second one. This is soot that never makes it to my cooler or filters. The cyclones have to be built right for them to work right. As far as the fingers go I have extras and if I cut one off what a great video, hell i’ll probably get 1,000,000 views.(just kidding). No, not going to Argos as I don’t like to travel, like staying at home. BORING! Here is a link to the pot scrubbers, Thanks for watching. Dan Also put the link to walk around above to Patrick if you want to see it.

Hey Danny,
I appreciate your efforts in wood gassing. I found your Youtube videos and watched them shortly after I found out about wood gas.

Although I don’t know much about chemistry, I know they also use SS for scrubbers for harvesting methane on dairy farms from cow manure. From my understanding, it helps to neutralize hydrogen sulfide but in turn breaks down the SS. I’m not sure of what all the chemicals are produced from wood gas and maybe they vary with the species. example Oak is more acidic than Pine. Maybe something in these articles may explain why your other scouring pads didn’t last?

Maybe someone with some chemistry knowledge can enlighten us.

Hey Bill;
I certainly appreciate the articles you sent me. I have gone through them once so far and will be going over them again. Besides the fact that all stainless steels are not created equal these articles do shed some light. Methane does not appear to be a problem and creosote is no problem. It would appear that high velocity abrasives(like soot) eat away at the protective layer on the stainless. Like you said, there could be other chemicals eating at it also, am hoping I got a better quality scrubber this time. I also read that washing down on a regular basis helps to preserve the protective layer and it can regenerate on it’s own. Also contact with carbon steel and anything that ends in (ine) such as chlorine are detrimental. I will learn more and very much so thank you for taking the time to send me these links. Dan

Ran Gasifier with new stainless steel filter media with good results. 8kw load.