Red Dragon chunkers

Interesting. Looks like someone is finally importing a wood chunker for sale in the US. Starting at $3500.


That really pumps them out.

Would 6" be to big for a gasifier? I realize you can use whatever size wood you have. I’m just curious.


Barry, The size of the chunks as seen in the video are too big for most gasifiers. You could control that somewhat with feed stock size. As Chris says, its just nice there is something other than a chipper/grinder commercially made and available in the USA. Check out J.O. 's rebak chunker, Kristijans, Wayne’s, Michael G.'s, Bob M.'s and others on the site. And… Welcome!! I like your enthusiasm! :grin:


Yes I’ve seen Wayne’s and believe I can build one similar.

My plan is building a gasifier and ATV motor onto a trailer so I can use it to power multiple things around my off grid property / Wood lot. (Water pump for irrigation, bandsaw mill, wood chunker, wood splitter)

Then using the ATV motor (19hp) running on woodgas with a “PTO” off the motor to turn a Car rear end. I’ll have to weld the Differential to keep the other axle from spinning when the chunker side meets resistance

No real details laid out yet. Just thoughts spinning in my head. I have to build my gasifier first. HAHA


If you are feeding the wood chunker by hand it is good if it will make some noise to keep in time and rhythm


That’s perfect!

I womder if my wife will help out like that…