Remet M-200 wood chunking mechanisms

Special-ordered Remet M-200 wood chunking mechanisms. Two with 10 knives per shaft, and one with 7 knives per shaft (2 shafts per mechanism). The 20-knife units will produce output in the realm of 2"-3" cubes, depending on your input.

These have heavy 165# flywheels and the overall mechanisms weigh over 600 pounds. The shafts are 1 3/4" witih 6-splines, but there are adapters for 1 3/8" PTO drivelines more typically found here in the US.

These come with gear covers, and are drilled out for attaching input and output chutes, assuming those would be preferred.

20-knife mechanisms: $4,500
14-knife mechanisms: $4,000

I also have a variety of complete machines, but those have fewer knives and produce longer output lengths more typical of feedstock for charcoal or wood for heating and cooking.

More pictures available upon request.


So you have established a dealership?
Do you have ratings on how much PTO horsepower it takes to drive the various size units, and approximate shipping costs to midwestern USA?
More pictures and videos always good! :cowboy_hat_face:


If I could own one of these, I could cut up all the smaller branches in the cherry orchard and make charcoal.


Mike, I am not pursuing a dealership, but have a large inventory of cutting mechanisms and complete machines. The company recommends a tractor hp of 90-150 for the complete RP-200, but I think an engine-powered hp of around 40. There are around 5 smaller sizes that of course require substantially less power. For those mechanisms, I only have 6-knife units (with 3 knives per shaft) and the output would likely not be sized approximately for gasifiers, if I understand correctly.


Bob, you could make short work of your orchard branches with a much smaller cutting mechanism. Even the model R-60 would be a good fit for that kind of work.