Reprints of the Mustang car gasifier book now available

I got mine now. If fact I got two.
No more waiting for this to surface used, second hand, scalped priced up to $150.+ on Thrift Books; Good Reads; Ebay and others.


Gosh I hate being on a biweekly paycheck. Maybe they’ll still be up by the time I get my check.


I allready got book 1 and book 2 --2020 edition- book 1 the plans on how the gasifier is built and book 2 how too get the gasifier all hooked up to the motor- AND THANKS CODY- you mentioned that the ben paterson book has the monerator hopper allso- its a bit smaller location than the wk dakota book plans but- it Do have a monerator hopper,along with the hopper heater pryolasist excellerator warm up jacket. I got a better understanding of the diagram after you said it had heated hopper and a monerator hopper.ITS all there like you said, dont know why i did,ent see the diagram as such. It seems that all available heat recovery must be used and the monerator hopper as the wk-- HAVE_WOOD_WILL_TRAVEL ans the BP monerator hopper helps more too getting rid of the water steam before it gets in the hearth. Dont know if i make it to argo’s this year but hope fully I get too meet you there ASAP at argo.s ,God Bless,Lord Be with you,


SCORED ON THAT ONE Steve! I wonder if “Have Wood Will Travel” will ever show up like that?

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You’ll like this second edition book BobMac. He covers how-why he Mustang converted to an in truck discrete two chamber activated charcoal fueled system. And how to make the activated wood charcoal clean retort batch cycle. Or woodgasifer lower converted to an auguring out system.
These were not in the 1st addition books set.
And dropped out of the thicker two-books-into-one 2020 3rd addition book.


Good, good you now see this Kevin.
Much, much better to use some of the made-gas heat that is just going to get blown away anyhow in the cooler to first heat and moisture remove the hooper fuel wood.

Having to superheat to steam to get this excessive fuelwood moisture down through the char bed so it will not be temperatures tanking the needed reactions is much more energy wasteful.
The cooler system must be made oversized then to get the made gasses carried through moistures wrung out and cooled down for the engine.

In book 2 and book 3 BenP write about; and line drawing illustrates his understanding as in FIVE stages from a solid wood fuel to a engine grade gaseous mixture. Drying. Torrefaction. Pyrolysis. Combustion. Finishing with Reduction.
Many explanations only have three stages explained. Needing super pre-dried woods. And glossing over, leaving one step that occurs out.
Most do recognize four stages. Needed very well dried woods.
Some simplifying down to a true three stages. Needed then pre-browned/surface charred “torrified” wood.
And a charcoal gasifier with only two stages. Have to pre-make, and store ahead of time that charcoal fuel. Separately.

You are correct. Only a very few systems can actually handle most of the year picked up woods.
Post tornado debris woods.
I laugh when someone, a talking head, says we American do not know wars and destructions up close real and personal.
That we are pampered, spoiled.
Oh yeah? Hurricanes. Tornados. Wildfirers. And Earthquakes. Annually. Repeatedly. Year after year. Decade after decade.
We suffer. We cry some. Then we rebuild.
And look at all of that wood been put down on the ground crying out to be used then. Saps filled green wood. Wet wood.
Forget about a gasifer system Omnivorous able to eat a cities garbage’s.

Make and developed able to eat Storms woods. 2, 3, 4 system proven that they can.
Steve unruh


HI STEVE-My previous gasifier had heating hopper jacket- with no monerator moisture remover method- two cyclones, a ceramic blanket burn tube- about same size as the WK design,a cooling rack and hay filter- it did not seem to have any sticking throtle plates- though a monerator cooler would be better yet for borderline dried wood for sure.


Amizon has ben patterson gasifier builders bible book 1 and 2 for 53-bucks- here is the one i bought–


Yeah that’s the 3rd Version. I have that one too! It’s a good book.

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I looks well insulated- it might be able too make clean gas for a twin cyl- if it ran fast enough idle.?


Oh yeah for sure. Plenty of people run single cylinders on them too.

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