Rescue equipment

how many of you out there have a procedure for if the gasifier malfunctions or some other reason so that you can switch to gas with out having to stop driving? ill admit i dont know much about fuel injected cars i just got my first a year ago anyway my procedure is as follows
step 1 put in neutral
step 2 turn on electric fuel pump
step 3 open fuel valve
step 4 pull ropes 1&2 they open the valves on the carbs for air intake
step 5 pull rope 3 closes wood gas intake valve
step 6 put in gear and bump start =)

I would think with a EFI car you could just turn the fuel sys on and open the air valve all the way and close the wood gas off and bump start lets hear how you do it i have only need my sys two times and i was glad i had it i was going up hill with a lot of traffic behind me and the performance dropped off and i didnt want impede traffic so i switched to gas and one other time someone stopped in front of me in the step part of the climb and i couldnt get it to get off the line so i switched to gas so someone would come around the corner and hit me it difficult to drive here in experimental car b/c there is only one highway with 2 lanes so i feel its a must =)


WK has vidios showing how he swiches from wood too petro in a few seconds, like you say give the petro back its full air at the mixing bowl, and shut the wood gas off as soon as the gas petro hits the pistons.It takes practic getting the timeing just well enough too work the best. Nothing like hands on operator training, THE FLAME OUT,we should be carrying a fire extengwisher for wood fire , or few gallons water in case of needing too shut the coals down if a hose or something came off or in my case my ammo can seal burnt out from over vacuem sucked the sides in from not putting the support in after ash clean out.I was glad i only had a half mile left too my driveway as it was letting smoke out around the seal, no sparks just smoke.I am working on this in time though HWWT.


i agree a fire extinguisher is a must lucky its a prerequisite with a VW Beetle =)

i wonder if you could get one of those remote nozzle fire extinguishers and mount the nozzle in the top of the hopper and have the hose coming in the cabin so you could have the extinguisher right next to you for deployment if ness. my steam boiler has this valve that evacuates all the water into the fire box so if i decide the boiler is out of control i pull the lever and it uses the pressure to dump the water into the fire box extinguishing the fire and relieving the pressure now that i say that i wonder if you could hook a hose up to the cooling water of the car and the rad press would evacuate the water from the engine into the reactor…just a thaut =)

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Xoie .

The first couple of min of this video shows switching from gasoline to hybrid and then all wood .


mine can only go from wood to gas i cant go the other direction =) i guess theoreticaly it would be able to go back to wood if the reactor stayed up to temp and i was able to move all the valves back the other direction but as i have it now i didnt se it ness to go from gas to wood but thats pritty cool you can =)

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