Retaining energy for generator from retort

So I’ve been watching alot of videos on gasification and all the stuff that goes with it…I am attaching this video and I was wondering if you can have a good charcoal business and create power…u will see attached is a system based on a “Adam retort” and it uses its own fumes to keep it lit…my question is insured of doing that?can u use that energy to run a generator and just run the gasifier constantly…the video is pretty explanatory on the question…

No the gases produced here is the first stage of gasification. This is the fomenting and pyrolysis stage the gas byproduct produced here is pyrolysis gas. This gas is different than syngas as syngas is a product of further processing of tearing down the tarry hydrocarbon chains through high temperature thermo process and then the later of high temperature carbon reduction. The carbon reduction process is basically reconstructing the molecule chains through stripping out the oxygen and reforming it with carbon. Co2 produced from oxidation is transformed into CO. Hydrocarbon chains along with water are converted to CO and H2.

Pyrolysis gas is full of tar and will destroy an engine in a heart beat. Engine grade syngas requires a good gasifier system to produce it. It is not as simple as heating wood and burning off the gases in an ICE.

This here is a tar producing gasifier and is very much like Mr Telsonian gasifier builds. This will be your result if anyone attempts to build his units and attempts to run an engine.


So would it be possible to filter that gas in any way so it can be usable or would it always have the tar in it?Im just trying to generate charcoal and usable gas at the same time…I saw Mr teslonians design but it seems that there can be much more filtering done

As far as I know there’s no way to filter out tar. If I am wrong I would gladly apreciate the info on how to do it.


You can not filter tar and Mr Teslonians build is not a proper gasifier and can not render engine grade gas. It will only produce Pyrolysis gas, you can NOT process this gas into syngas if the processes do not exist.

Tar is carried in the gas as a gas. So it will flow through any filter you put in front of it. Tar must be thought of much like crude oil refinement. different products are a result of condensing at different stages. There are many different grades of tar that are produced and will condense at different stages of filtering process. This is the deception, “see my filter has tar it it must be working” Indeed some tar will drop at this stage. However if you are dropping tar here, you are certainly dropping a different grade later on and most likely at your engine.


The answer is rather easy: look at the first sequence of the clip, the moment that he opens the door under the glowing charcoal. The flames coming out. That is the place you want to work with. Glowing charcoal will eliminate tar ( deconstruct the molecules into syngas)
Now you just have to be able to find a technical way to ensure that you have an reasonable balanced system.
Imo, i don’t need the biochar, i’ll turn the biochar into gas for the generator.

Glowing carbon is the filter / key in any gasifier (short version of the story)


I already assumed that thanks.


What if u take the gas and route it back into the channels that’s connected underneath the retort and in that way ur heating it indirectly like through a heat exchanger and heating it again in a way that loops through the exhaust of the generator and then cooling it down after that…if that makes sense

If you take the dirty, tarry gas and pass that thru the glowing carbon, then you have perfect clean gas.


Im not sure Im following you.

You would need to cool it lower than ambient with a long dwell time at or above atmospheric pressure. Then and if you can get it loose enough you might be able to filter at the micron level. Then the problem will be it will clog very fast rendering the system useless.

In order to render usefull gas you need to build a proper gasifier. A retort is really what a gasifier really is. However engine grade machines have the additional processes as mentioned. Syngas and charcoal are the products it produces. However less charcaol is produced in exchange for a cleaner useful gas. There is no other alternate way to do this and produce charcaol in bulk while running an engine on pyrolysis gas.

Use that gas for the charcoaling process instead create heat and use that heat the best you can. Build a charcoal gasifier and run it with the charcaol you produce. Or build a proper gasifier. Do not follow Mr Teslonians example you will fail and waste your time and money and ICE’s will be harmed in your endevour.

Basically you have a proper gasifier at that point. So just build a proper gasifier.

The wheel has been invented.

Typical woodgasser::: its not round enough I want to make it rounder somehow!!


The retort gasifier however will render clean syngas , without any nitrogen in, so called clean retort gas…
( don’t want to “guide” you to build it also, but i can give you a hint… it works… ) :grin:


No the thing is I want to retain the charcoal…that’s why I want to do this…i want that double whammy deal

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this is how the hybrids worked. The Fusion systems I plan to bring this into its development later. First is getting the charcoal reactor working as designed.

A gasifier still produces charcoal. the amount depends on the unit. You can make a gasifier render higher yields of charcoal. As long as the oxidation can keep up with the flows and enough carbon is produced it should still work.

So it would work if I just heat that gas back up again and then send it through filters and to an engine?that’s what I want to do basically I want to get clean gas and charcoal that u can use on a BBQ or whatever…I know it seems impossible but to take away the tar from the pyrolysis gas u need to heat it up right?and then it’s ready for a engine??

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A typical gasifier will produce more than enough charcaol for a BBQ. If you are not in need of mass production of the charcaol. A typical gasifier will produce more char than you will know what to do with.

Nope, you have to bring the tarry gas in direct contact with glowing carbon to be thermal cracked… (and having a useful gas)
A glowing catalyst also works, be it slightly different.

Time to study old school book, there are plenty available on the subject


Im trying to find a way to make charcoal at mass production and get gas and it’s gonna be trail and error I guess but it must be possible lol

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To make charcoal you’l have to make wood glow…
In that process you’l get a gas (tary)

Now, how to make charcoal glow is the question…