Right vehice for woodgas

Hi team, max here,down in new zealand, like you,we are suffering from the fuel costs,
i have waynes book, currantly looking for suitable vehicles, can someone advise,
would a 2000 dodge ram, with a magnum 5.9 moter, be a bit to modern to convert ?
maybe to many sensers etc, im not familier with this moter,
many thanks max


While you might not be able to adjust ignition timing like Wayne does, an OBD2 engine will run on woodgas. I’ve done some bench testing with a 2011 GMC Sierra and it ran pretty decently. I hadn’t done driving tests with it but I’m confident it would have driven reliably.

All you have to do is wire in a switch to the fuel pump.

If there’s a good way to cut off gasoline supply to the engine without shutting off your spark then it should run on woodgas.


Good morning Max.

I think the 5.9 will do fine . I think it will have a distributor so timing can be advanced .


Yes, it does have a distributor and single coil. Basically just a larger version of the 318 so many are using in their Dakotas.


Hi Max where are you based , I am near Gisborne im contemplating gasifing an early nineties Ute, Ford, Maz, or toycar but ive had a bit of a delay as going to be hospitalized for a while . I would be interested to catch up with you when i get going on the actual job
Cheers Pete


hi pete, great to meet you, yes,by all means, its going to take teamwork, im in the early stages as well, im located in ohakune, currantly reading wayns book, and looking for right vehicle etc.


many thanks ,wayne tom and cody, your help is very much appreciated, and this forum is brilliant, i cant wait for the day i drive past the gas station, honk my horn and wave,happy days ahead team.


Sounds like you’ve got a Kiwi woodgas group in the works! Best of luck on the vehicle hunt.

Maybe you’ll find a carbed or TBI/EFI pickup or Ute.

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