Roberto Rodriguez's gasifier project

I am starting a gasifier build this spring for my Ford 150 5.4 L 4X4. This is my first attempt. I need all the suggestions I can get. Thanks.

Hi Robert, moved you to a new thread. Welcome to the site!

Thanks for your help and consideration Chris. I have carved out about 100 hours for the gasifier build. I made plans for myself, simple and straight forward. The truck project will quickly follow the gasifier project. Thanks again.

Welcome. I see you have listed San Antonio as your location. I am located near Lockhart, Martin is in Austin, and Ralph is in Kerrville, and there are some more in Waco. Do you have a good source of wood? Might take 100 hours just to stockpile/process some of that so it can get good and dry! Do you have full access to this site? There are some good videos showing the construction steps, with lots of details. If time is a factor, the truck project might go quicker with the Dodge Dakota, just because the wrinkles have been ironed out when it comes to installing the gasifier and getting the timing and plumbing set up. Have you found a good “junk yard” where you can get cylinders…pipe for the reactor, filters, water traps, pipe racks, etc? (I used to frequent a steel place on the South side of San Antonio where they would let you wander around.) Good source of barrels, small and large with locking lids? (Let me know if you find a source for 30 gallon barrels.) Keep us posted, especially concerning material sources here in South/Central TX. Ray

Hi Ray. I also frequent the River City Steel place and Pull your own Parts Auto on the south side. As for dry wood I have a source of dry mesquite on ranches that friends of mine let me have access to. I am focused on my ford truck because it is my hunting truck, it has given me great service and I want to keep it. As I said in my post I developed the plans for the gasifier with a 9 inch reactor. I am using 2 inch muffler pipe because of ease of availability and pre bent elbows. The cyclone filter cylinder and the hay filter container are also easy for me to acquire. have a suggestion for you. Call your local school district transportation department and ask for old grease barrels. They may have what you want. Thanks

Roberto, Thanks for the reply. Martin, I, and Gary Gilmore will be very interested in seeing how Mesquite works out for you. It has a very high lignin content, some aromic compounds, and is a yellow worm magnet! Since the worms turn the wood into powder, I have been converting it into charcoal. (All gasifiers will need some charcoal.) Thanks for the tip about the school district. I did manage to get half a dozen grease barrels from a service truck driver who greases the heavy equipment that is used in building the SH130 toll road. They are small and constructed of very thin steel, that is difficult to weld, even with my TIG machine. Before you get too far along with the plans you have developed, contact Chris Saenz on this site to have him set you up as a Premium Member. Digest the information…you might change your plans.

Ray I travel to Kerrville every two weeks and to Austin every couple of months. It would be good to finally meet someone who is interested in gasification. If Ralph and Martin don’t have any objection I’d like to see their wood gas project. Thanks

We all have photo albums on
Martin is “M Payne” or “Peakopps”, Ralph is “rdoftx” (some photos under album “odds and ends”), and my stuff is under “Wx5d, or my name”. The moderator is Gary Gilmore, who also has lots of postings here as well, plus numerous YouTube videos. I am 70 miles from San Antonio, and live in Lytton Springs, which is N.E. of Lockhart and South of Austin. I like to do “show n tell”, so if you get up this way, give me a holler…I’ll put the coffee pot on. (Oh, btw, none of us are driving on wood.)

Hi Chris, i’m expecting to build my first gasifier this spring and I’m trying
to buy Wayne’s book in the store with the 6 months of premium membership trial
offer but the web site does not get me there. Whom do I contact? Thanks for
your help.

Hi Robert, the shopping cart is not finished. You can contact us here:

Good Morning Robert

We have started a “learn to drive” video series and members have strongly suggest the builders view it before driving.



Thanks for the information Wayne. Where do I get copies of the video.

We are just getting started with the series but here are two videos .

Roberto, did you convert the 5.4 I’m interested in doing mine, starting to gather supplies [email protected] Thanks