Salvaging material and beginning the build

Over the past few days I’ve been gathering materials for my first “Keith” style gasifier. I had a friend who had an extra piece of 12" pipe that was actually long enough for me to make 3 burn chambers from. So I decided to go ahead and cut out three and do a “multi” build. You know if one gasifier is good…three has got to be even better.

Since my bandsaw will only hand up to 10" stock, on the way home from picking up the pipe I stopped by a local fabrication shop that has a bandsaw big enough to handle the 12" pipe and they cut it into 3 pieces for me. As I was leaving the shop foreman said, “hey, if you ever need any scrap stock just stop by and I’ll fix you up.” Music to my ears.

My plasma cutter made quick work of the air tubes and now on to the welding. It’ll be a busy day welding tomorrow.

Chris Franklin and his son Christopher drove over from Georgia today for a visit.

He sure is a good hand at helping feed cows. Seems like everyone that visits I have them help with that.

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I think this is the first wood burning truck Chris has driven?

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And I think this might be the second?

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Love it Wayne! And good for you Chris. Now you know what’s possible, you build one.

Chris Franklin stopped by here for a few minutes to get some pipe and to take a spin in the new woodgas truck. His load looks more stable than mine was, don’t you think?

looks more secure but cost more to haul.