Save WK gasifier from crusher! - SOLD

Get it fast! This deal ends Thursday (in the scrap heap). Jim Winters is de-gasifying his Ford, and wants the gasifier to get a good home. Ran for 18 months with no issues, it has a 3/8" thick fire tube. Comes complete with cooling rack. Fits a 1990’s f150 truck, all pieces included. Truck is in Nappannee Indiana.

Again, need to get it by Thursday or it will be crushed! $500 is practically scrap price. Come on, guys - someone needs to get this.

Photo of truck is here:

Email Jim here: [email protected]

The truck I am going to do is a F150 with a 300. Should work? I sent him an email.

Hope you get it Bill, sounds dirt cheap to me. Wish it was close to my home.
Good luck

Go Now!

Me too Gary.
As much as I want to do my own build, time is always a factor. This will get me up and running a lot sooner. I sent him my phone number so hopefully I’ll hear back from him today.

I agree Bill…nothing like building it your self, but I would have jumped at the chance to of had an instant WK.


I have a '92 F150 just waiting for this, but with 313,000 miles on the clock, a weak transmission and only “2-60” air conditioning, it ain’t gonna make a 2000 mile round trip in 100 degree heat.

Hope somebody up North knows what a bargain they’re getting.

AT in TX

Just signed on if you still have the gasifier I will buy. I live insw Ohio 937-270-4004. Thanks.

Should work good on the Dakota or OK on the Ford Bill.
The build looks good.


What happened?

Yes, I went through his build last night. Hopefully he kept everything for under the hood too. Still no word yet. I could get there Monday.

I am interested, email sent.

This has sold. Thanks all for your interest!

Chris, do you know who got it?

A member on here named Jerry Howard got it.