Saw tech trade show in Bancroft Ontario

Went to the Saw tech trade show on the weekend… lots of very cool wood related equipment there to see.

Lots of gasifier boiler systems… we were the only people there with an engine running on wood though. Was neat to see the boiler guys reaction when they found out what we were doing with wood.

Got to meet Dave Baillie. I think he’s here on the site… Nice young fellow…

If i can find some pics I’ll post them.

Actually had some wood industry guys ask me if i could talk at a confernce some time next year… lol… like I know anything…

Sunday, and everything is winding down… thank god for the bit of rain as it had been rather hot… I got a bit of a burn

Little Richard talking to a fellow about the process.

Not our sign, some nice boiler people lent it to us for the day.

From what I see, Arvid, you know a heck of a lot. I learn something every time I watch your vids. They were impressed enough to say so through their invitation. In any event, a great compliment, congrats. Pepe

Thanks Pepe, I can say i’ve learned from your posts as well… I do believe I’m gonna start working on a gas tractor… just have to find one i can afford. Used to be when I was much younger you could pick one up for next to nothing, its not like that anymore.

Good job ambassadoring woodgas as a motor fuel ArvidO.
Nothing works quite as well as a running engine, eh!
Love that black is practical/beautiful look on your trailer system.

Steve Unruh

Yup, I tell people you can have it any colour you want as long as it’s black… :slight_smile: That Henry Ford was a pretty smart man. Too bad he let the oil industry convince him that his model T should run on petrol instead of alcohol like he originally intended (or so the story goes)