Sawmill Gas Generator

I make large industrial gasifiers, but there was a need to create a gas generator for the smallest gas generator, 0.22 liters in volume and 3 kW on gasoline.

I already did a project on a 663 kW engine on wood gas (you can see here The day before yesterday there was the first successful launch and a 3 kW engine on gasoline was able to pull out a 1 kW grinder and a 0.4 kW vacuum cleaner. We tried to connect welding 2.5 kW worked with drawdowns. Not pulled. I did not change the spark plug in the engine - I stood on gasoline and did not change the ignition timing. On such engines, this is difficult to do, but I deal with it. I think if I remember the lead angle, welding 2.5 kW will pull.

Not many people know how important a properly made gas and air mixer is. For this engine, I designed and manufactured a mixer, as seen in the photo.

I also make an electronic carburetor that will control the air supply in automatic mode. Here’s a video.

I have a question. Has anyone already seen similar air management systems. Those that I found are very expensive and are used on large industrial equipment. And who sells small systems that catch alpha?


Hello Sergei,
Some people here have made a simple, mechanical mixture control system using pressures.
Search: Vacuum Automixer Project
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Sergey, look at my version of building a gas generator for a small engine.
Forum topic " Library / Carburetor Controller"

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I have a good bit of experience with gasification for a corn dryer or boiler. You don’t have to worry about the ash or dust from those gasifiers. Also the tar is not a problem as it usually gets burned by the burner refractory. You will be used to making a larger quantity of burnable gas with a dryer. THIS is the place to learn about making tar free gas for an engine. Principles are the same you just have to make gas in closer parameters. The reduction zone parameters are more important. Best of luck on your projects.


Hi Sergey
Does your air gas mixer work on the principle of a venturi?
the air enters at high speed and generates a slight vacuum on the central pipe which transports the gas?
do you manage to mix better (50% air / 50% gas) with this design?


Yes venturi. Yes, it mixes well with this design.


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Hello Sergei.

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do you mean that you no longer need to modulate (manually) the restriction of the air intake to obtain a stoichiometric mixture?

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You still need to regulate the air a little. With different gas compositions and different loads, it is still necessary to adjust the air supply. Yesterday we finished the electronic shutter which will do this automatically. We’ll test, take off - I’ll post the video. Existing systems on the market are expensive and for a large industry. I want to create a small one for cars and small generators.