Searching for youtube video i never found again :(

There was an amazing video in witch a single large Wood Gasifier on the back a truck, was running a V8 engine inside a garage, witch rotated a big ol Electric Motor wired for power generation, they also heated barrels of water.

Watched the video several times but cant seem to find it even trough search results, I remember in the description they mentioned they were seeking for risk capital, and it had some badass metal music playing in the background.

It’s glorious, i hope some of you have seen it and might point me towards it :smiley:

I do not recall seeing that video. The idea that they were asking for “risk capital” sets off the red flags in my mind.


Good morning Ariel.

I have seen a lot of the gasifier videos but the one you mention doesn’t ring any bells.


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I think there used to be a video of Sean French running a 350 V8 and boiling water via electric heating elements. I can’t find the video however.


this seems close, but not an exact match …

Hi All, My memory says Floridian Sean French too.

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Steve, the site lists it as a private video and we need a password to log in.
Can you give it to us? Or if you would send it to my email address, I will
keep it to myself respecting your privacy.
Thanks, Pepe

@pepe2000 I’m afraid I can’t. It looks like the youtube user who uploaded the video has deliberately made it private, so it is no longer viewable by anyone except that person.