Seasonal lights

Counting our blessings.

The blue in the middle is our 33 yo Ficus. We bought this tree when Montgomery Wards
closed here in the 1980’s. Saved another fir tree.

Another shot of the pruned back Ficus. Love that blue as the center.

Here (from outside) she has the red and white flanking both sides of the blue.
My wife did a great job. She’s a true red, white and blue patriot.
Season’s Greetings to All,
Pepe and Family


Wow, that is so nice! :evergreen_tree: :grinning:

Thanks for sharing!


Canadian Woodgasser Greg Manning did some Christmas lights too, a few years ago:

Pete Stanaitis


Pete; What happened to Greg Manning. I haven’t heard form him in years. Of course I haven’t been on Yahoo Woodgas Group in years. Is he posting over there. TomC

music at 2m40. must be at least.

Hi Ton.
Greg Manning is still “alive and kicking”. We had a lengthy phone conversation several days ago. He’s still full of new ideas and is still working on woodgas.
He does respond on the yahoo woodgas group, although it IS pretty dead lately.
I posted there a week or so ago about why I apparently wasn’t getting woodgas things done and he reponded right away.
— So did Luk, by the way.

Pete Stanaitis


Hi All,
Another calendar event coming up very soon, the New Year, and
with it the perpetual personal “lists”. You know what I mean or you
wouldn’t be smiling! I thought the following list was interesting. I love
the one by Thomas Watson Sr.
I’ll toast you all at midnight New Years Eve!


Fail Faster, Succeed Sooner. David Kelley


Well our windows stings of mini-lights will stay up until after the 1st of the year changing over. Plugs strategically placed to be able to Honda inverter generator supply if/and, when as needed. Two windstorms power outages around us (but not us) so far this Fall/Winter year season.
The actual Doug Fir in-house Christmas tree has the old, hot bright incandescent C-type bulbs. Leave it up into the new year too. But only turned on for a few coming home greeting hours nightly. S-o-m-e-d-a-y when these light strings wear out, then, an upgrade to the by then newer evolved LED light strings. Never trust 1st&2nd generation new-techs. Pocket robbers.
Ha! And by 4th generation release you can usually buy used/still-new 3rd generation, highly discounted; or even free cast off found… Recycling.

Let the lights of Life glow out brightly.
Steve unruh