Second ICE run under heavier loads including air compressor and mig welder

I ran my generator today for the second time with great success. The first run was loaded to 5,100 or 5,200 watts(don’t remember).This run was loaded to 7,250 watts using a heat gun, two hair dryers, two lights and an electric heater with perfect results. The genny didn’t show any signs of laboring until the last hair dryer was plugged in but recovered nicely. After unplugging all the test loads, I hooked up to my large single stage 240 Volt Air Compressor. When it kicked on, it had a noticeable impact on the genny but it recovered quickly and the compressor ran flawlessly. I then disconnected the compressor and hooked up my 240 Volt Miller Mig Welder. It had minimal impact on the generator and performed flawlessly by laying down a 3" weld joining two pieces of 1/4" plate steel together with a solid weld. It seems I have been lucky to put together a system that seems to work perfectly together. My 30 min. medium resolution video may be watched at this link

Very impressive Danny. How llong do you think it will run on one filling of wood? Love those Onan’s.

I believe it would run appx. 3 hours on a batch of oak chunks.Seems to be a very good 1988 generator and am very happy with outcome. Dan

Nice run! It sounded real good and looks like you got it dialed in.
So do you plan on interfacing it into your house?


Hi Wes: Thanks for your interest.I now have a 14KW diesel generator hooked to the house with a 200 amp manual transfer switch, but in an emergency I think I could find a way to quickly hook up to the house.The onan has 6 120 volt outlets on 3 20 amp circuits and one 240 volt 60 amp circuit.It is mainly for long term emergencies but may get used occasionaly when running for maint. Dan

Looks very good Dan, what kind of hose is that you are using to go from your final filter up to the mixing valve?

Thanks Arvid: It is a 2" water suction hose from Tractor Supply.Has a heat rating of 150-165°F and cost about $60.00 i think.Been watching yours,have you given Mongo fire yet? Dan

lol… no, not yet. building is slow goin for me as lack of funds makes it hard to acquire necessary materials to get it done in the time frame I’d like it to get done.

I’ll keep pluggin away and I promise I’ll video everything once I have it ready to go.

Hi DannyC.
Just finished up this morning watching your video out to 3 minutes in after Midnight low band width traffic time.
Looks real good. Sounds GREAT for what I did see/hear.
I will be cross posting your video link again over on the MicroCoGen Group. Henry over there really likes these Ford SOHC engines.
Are you going to be satisfied with the power as is? Or tring to develop for more KW output?

Steve Unruh

Hi Steve: Completely satisfied! Exceeded all ny expectations for a standby emergency generator.I’m stiil shocked how well it ran now up to 7,250 watts.Thanks for checking it out. Dan

Just got done watching your tar-less u-tube. I cant take it any more!! Some of us are freezing our pa-tooties off and your in shorts and t-shirt. Perhaps you could humor us in your next vid by showing us your snow boots and parka. It is a good video. When your up to temp and you have your flare off is there any visible smoke/vapor??


Also Steve, I read Henry’s remark. My first start took a few trys but started right up and stalled. O.k. after finding sweet spot for valves.Also it runs petfectly as soon as it starts(took 8 secs. to start on second run) using no starting fluids or propane.In other words it did not have to warm up to run good,but when you don’t watch the whole video you don’t see that. And it will do more than 7,250 watts but I used up all my receptacles with what i had to plug in. I feel I could get 8000-9000 watts.Just wanted to get info right. Thanks for your time. Dan

Hi Wes; Thanks for watching video. very light smoke/mist but not much. Dan